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Feb. 7 Student Council Meeting Minutes

Last week’s minutes Unanimous Approval

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  • Officer Reports


      1. Delaney Gallagher Vice President of Academic Affairs
        1. Add/drop form due no later than Tuesday the ninth.
        2. Upcoming weekly meeting with Dean Hawks and Provost Bowman
          1. About WiFi issues and participation in online classes 
          2. Going over Merit List issue again 
      2. Ubongabasi Asuquo Vice President for Student Life
        1. Elections for Buildings, Grounds, and Sustainability Committee are opening next week


  • Vote when the time comes


        1. Starting meetings this week
          1. If there are new student organization applications, the information for applying is up on the website
      1. Rocco Danese Vice President for Business and Finance 
        1.  Applications for the Business and Finance Committee (BFC) are open until Tuesday, Feb 9 at midnight
      2. Hannah Petrich Senior Class Committee
        1. Happy to see everyone back on campus
        2. Feb. 20 Virtual Event
          1. Takeaway baskets in Peirce 
      3. Skyler Lesser-Roy Junior Class Committee
        1. Working on project with other class presidents and Asuquo currently
      4. Jonathan Pastor Sophomore Class Committee
        1.  Working on project with other class presidents and Asuquo currently
      5. Aram Ebrahimian First Year Class Committee
        1. Office of Campus Life Where are they Wednesday
          1. First years can submit a picture of their workspace to win a prize
        2. Met with Meredith Bonham; Peirce will be open for in-person dining Feb. 8
        3. First Year Class Committee having various events with alumni
      6. Charlie Muller Buildings, Grounds, and Sustainability Committee
        1. Elections for Buildings, Grounds, and Sustainability Committee are opening next week
        2. Conducting a survey to get feedback on the new sustainability statement
      7. Ryan Nader Campus Safety Committee
        1. Themed mask event has been pushed back 
          1. Health Center and Chris Smith recently submitted it 
        2. Potentially stopping the bike registration on campus, instead thinking of sending out informational videos 
      8. Micah Smith Committee on Diversity and Inclusion
        1. Happy Black History Month
          1. Emails and events in the works/coming out soon 
        2. Committee is planning an info session series
      9. Ever Croffoot-Suede Housing and Dining Committee
        1. Quiet period is still ongoing for the next week
        2. Peirce opening Feb. 8 for in-person dining if you have two negative tests
      10. Greek Council
        1. Elected new president Myanna Cook
      11. Kenyon Student-Athlete Advisory Committee 
        1. Will be bringing back KSAAC Saturdays
        2. Sportsmanship pledge will be published in the coming weeks
        3. Sunday had the NCAC SAAC meeting, Jake Davidson elected as secretary for the committee
      12. Social Board Rep
        1. Trying to continue some virtual events to include first years
        2. Continuing to have some grab and go options in Peirce
        3. Possibly getting an ice skating rink/fire pits on campus
      13. Senate
        1. Looking into the values we look for in a mascot, as well as any disconnect between Lords/Ladies and what students feel a mascot should be
      14. Bradley Berklich Student Council President
        1. Nothing to report
      15. Laura Kane Administrative Advisor
        1. Shoutout to Social Board for events/plans 
        2. Just got final touches for student organization guidelines for the rest of the semester
          1. Coming out tomorrow
          2. Will also be listed on the website
        3. New Director of Student Engagement just started and new Director of the First-Year Experience is starting tomorrow


  • Agenda Item: n/a
  • BFC Reading:


    1. Sisterhood request $906 for movie night and bookclub
      1. Funded in full
    2. BSU partially funded
      1. Funded for movie screening and food truck

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