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Student Council discusses proposal for new College flag

Student Council discusses proposal for new College flag

Student Council heard a proposal for a flag redesign. | COURTESY OF ALEX GILKEY

On Sunday, Oct. 11, Student Council met to discuss a proposed digital communication system for student organizations and continue deliberation of an update to Kenyon’s official flag. The first-year class representatives, as well as the first-year class president, also introduced themselves to the Council.

Madi Hamilton ’23, a student representing the Office of Green Initiatives, presented an idea for a new screen system that would allow student organizations to advertise virtually rather than posting flyers. Though there is already one monitor in front of the servery in Peirce Dining Hall, it currently only displays dining information.

Hamilton believes that the switch to digital promotion will not only be more environmentally friendly, but also allow a wider network of communication. “We’re trying to reduce Kenyon’s paper [usage],” Hamilton said. “This is hopefully a system that allows student organizations to have an easier time reaching out to the entire student base.” 

Hamilton hopes that a campus-wide network of monitors will keep students informed on the activities of organizations in an interactive and engaging manner. Dean of Campus Life Laura Kane, the Council’s faculty advisor, said that the Office of Student Engagement would handle the management of the proposed network, but for now, the idea is still being considered by the Council. 

Also noteworthy was the continued discussion of a potential change to Kenyon’s flag, first suggested by Alex Gilkey ’21 in February 2019. At Student Council’s Oct. 4 meeting,  Gilkey presented his proposal, which he had been developing and gathering student input on over the last two years, and asked representatives from each Council committee to give feedback on his design. At this week’s meeting, committee representatives shared their opinions which varied. But overall, Student Council decided to support a proposal for a new flag, and they agreed to formally approve this at next week’s meeting. Gilkey will then take his proposal to President Sean Decatur.

At the end of the meeting, the Council introduced First-Year Class President Aram Ebrahimian ’24, along with the other first-year student government representatives. 

The next Student Council meeting is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 18 at 7:00 p.m. The agenda and meeting link will be sent via a Student-Info email. 


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