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DKEs pass through Greek Council on way to reinstatement

After being rejected on a first attempt in January, the Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE) fraternity’s petition for reinstatement has been accepted by Greek Council on a second attempt this week.

Leaders of Kenyon’s fraternities and sororities attended a livestreamed Google Hangout session Monday afternoon, where petitioners Amir Brivanlou ’21, Andrew Gibbens ’21, Andrew Kotler ’21, Nate Saindon ’21, John Scandale ’20 and Bryan Yoshino ’21 made their updated case for reinstatement.

Kotler shared a plan which detailed amany of the changes they made to their earlier petition. The changes reflected the several meetings they had with other Greek organizations after their initial proposal failed a vote from the Council. Since their rejection in late January, the group of petitioners had met with all but one of the College’s current Greek organizations individually. “We were obviously disappointed with the first result but we were not going to give up,” Kotler wrote in a message to the Collegian. “We took some time to collect our thoughts and then we reached out to every Greek organization to get their feedback on the first petition.”

In their first petition, the potential DKEs listed their proposed changes to the new member education process, including having a Kenyon DKE alumnus sitting in on every session to ensure full cooperation with their new policy. To address other organizations’ concerns, their new process will have either an administrator, campus safety officer, faculty advisor or alternate member of the Kenyon faculty or staff sitting in on every meeting. If no such person is available, the petitioners offered to record video and audio that they would submit for inspection.

In addition to a revamp of the new member education process, the rebranded DKEs plan to have a much stronger role in sexual assault prevention on campus with mandatory yearly Green Dot etc. training for all members. Green Dot etc. is a bystander intervention program that “aims to shift campus culture and increase proactive preventative behavior by targeting influential members from across a community with basic education, skill practice and reactive interventions to high-risk situations,’” as outlined on the Culture of Respect website dedicated to ending campus sexual violence.

The DKEs also plan to have meetings with Kenyon’s Sexual Respect Peer Alliance (SRPA) every semester and hold “value-check” meetings three times a semester. “The first [value-check meeting] (at the beginning of the semester) will be us getting together to sit down and talk about the values we find important,” Kolter wrote to the Collegian. “These will be written down. In the middle of the semester, we will meet again and discuss how we’ve been able to uphold these values. Finally, we will meet at the end of the semester and evaluate the semester, seeing if we’ve been able to uphold our values.”

In order to finish their process and return as an active student organization, the DKEs will still need to argue their case to the Student Life Committee and Student Council. If the vote passes through these groups, the DKEs can then begin the long journey to gaining back campus respect and trust.


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