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Full stock of condoms, over 400, taken from Crozier

Full stock of condoms, over 400, taken from Crozier

On Friday morning, the managers of the Crozier Center for Women discovered that their house’s supply of over 400 condoms had been taken. That afternoon, they sent out a student-info email informing the campus of the situation.

“We want to stress that the issue is not taking too many condoms—take as many as you need & then some to be safe,” the email stated. “The issue is taking ALL of the condoms.” 

Crozier offers free condoms to students as a way to promote safer sex; members of the community are encouraged to take them as needed.

“[W]hen one person depletes the supply (especially at the beginning of the weekend), other students that need condoms won’t have access to them,” managers Camila Wise ’20 and Grace Harris ’20 wrote. “It’s is[sic] not only disrespectful to us and your peers—but it discourages safer sex on campus.” 

The managers suggested that if, in the future, anyone feels that they need that many condoms at once, they reach out by email first so that the Center has time to restock. According to the Planned Parenthood website, condoms cost on average $1 apiece, although prices vary depending on brand.

When contacted by the Collegian, the managers of Crozier declined an interview, citing concerns that writing about the incident would encourage other students to take excessive amounts of condoms, or turn the incident into a joke by not taking it seriously.    

“[F]ree public items literally can’t be stolen so its[sic] not theft, [and] there’s no reason to think this was targeted as [C]rozier has been very vocal about wanting to provide safer sex supplies to the entire community,” Harris wrote in a text message. “We worry that people will actually be less inclined to come to [C]rozier for the supplies they need because of this public shaming and fear of the supplies being gatekept. [E]verything we wanted to say about it was in the email.”


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