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AVI to offer nitro iced coffee twice a month next semester

Starting in the fall, students will be able to begin their days with a little extra caffeine. Peirce Dining Hall will offer nitrogen-infused coffee, otherwise known as nitro coffee, twice a month,  on a first-come, first-served basis to early risers who want to experiment with Peirce’s new breakfast addition.

This cold-brew coffee includes three times as much caffeine as an equivalent serving of coffee. Through their partnership with Crimson Cup Coffee and Tea, AVI hopes to purchase a kegerator to set up in the salad area of the servery where students can pick up a cup while the supply lasts.

Now able to direct his attention away from bankrolling replacement plates and cups, AVI Resident Director Christopher Wisbey is catering new additions to students’ tastes and maintaining AVI’s efforts to encourage locally sourced food. According to AVI’s website, 42 percent of the food served in Peirce is locally sourced.

In the future, Wisbey hopes to offer students guided tours of some of Peirce’s suppliers, including the Crimson Cup in Columbus.

This addition to the servery is made possible thanks to students’ efforts to keep Peirce cups and dishes within the building, according to Wisbey. “The idea was, if we can stop dishes from leaving Peirce, I have money to put back into the program,” he said. “This year has been awesome — we only ordered dishes one time.” According to a Sept. 13 article from the Collegian, the budget for utensils this year was $35,000.

Wisbey is confident that he should be able to purchase the $1,500 kegerator with his budget for next semester. “Because I have this money that I’m saving, I can do different things for the students,” he said.

Additionally, Wisbey hinted that, in the next two to three weeks, another “surprise” is in store for students. As the school year comes to a close, students can keep an eye out for a new and permanent addition to the servery, though he wants to keep the details of the surprise a secret for the time being. 


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