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After increase in accidents, the Village installs new signs

After increase in accidents, the Village installs new signs

Over spring break, the Village put up signs on Wiggin Street. | BELLA HATKOFF

Over spring break, signs appeared on Wiggin Street warning vehicles to stop for pedestrians.

According to Village of Gambier Mayor Kachen Kimmell, this is not the first time the Village has purchased and installed these types of signs. Kimmel said this is because the signs aren’t durable enough to last for extended periods of time. She also noted that while the former mayor had suspected previous signs were “taken by pranksters,” she doubted this was the case.

“Many of the vehicles that come through the Village accidentally destroy them, especially farm equipment, but also tractor trailers and other large vehicles,” she wrote in an email to the Collegian.

This Village decided to install new signs after the increase in pedestrian accidents over the course of the academic year. “Purchasing and installing another round of these signs was one of the things we decided to do to try to increase pedestrian safety,” Kimmell said.

The Village has plans for other procedures and strategies to increase traffic and pedestrian safety, such as improving lighting sources at crosswalks and, in April, conducting pedestrian counts at several locations throughout Gambier.

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