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A new art group decorates construction wall with artwork

A new art group decorates construction wall with artwork

Alli Beard ‘20 stands in front of the wall surrounding Olin and Chalmers Memorial Library as the building is prepared to be demolished and replaced in accordance with the 2020 Plan. The words “$75 Million Dollars = 1,096 Full Scholarships” have drawn attention from students, faculty and visitors alike. | ERYN POWELL

Lighthouse Collective’s message a note on the wall | ERYN POWELL

This week, students traveling down Middle Path were greeted by an array of art on the wooden wall outlining the West Quad construction zone.

The Lighthouse Collective, a new art group on campus, created a tree-like shape by taping flowers to the wall and wrote a message within it that invited the community to “affirm and celebrate the diversity of our shared space with messages and visuals.”

Other pieces included a yellow-and-blue string drawing of the Olin-Chalmers library with the caption, “Isn’t it unfortunate I had to end this way,” and a larger-than-life photo portrait of President Sean Decatur accompanied by a message for his 50th birthday on Sept. 4.

One of the largest pieces put on the wall was a colorful banner protesting the construction with the statement, “$75 Million Dollars = 1,096 Full Scholarships,” referencing the gift of that amount given to the College in part to support the construction of the West Quad and the new library.

Though much of the artwork has since been removed from the wall, images and lettering that had been marked directly on the wall remain, including the message from Lighthouse.

“We anticipate the evolution of this dialogue to be an ongoing expression of gestures and responses,” the message reads. “May this be a collage of our many voices.”

An art piece that reads: “I built walls around me because I thought I was a tortured artist” | ERYN POWELL


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