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LBIS relocates resources across campus as new construction begins

Over the summer, Library and Information Services (LBIS) relocated in preparation for the construction of the new library. Although Olin and Chalmers Memorial Library will not be available, the level of access to its resources will remain the same, according to Helpline Manager Brandon Warga.

“While the location of many of our physical resources changed in the move, the core services we provide are essentially unchanged,” Warga said. “We are still the same team of employees who provide the same services and you still have the same level of access to all these resources.”

Of the 10 public printers on campus, four of those that were in the library have now moved into modular units. Library Building A has one, Library Building B has two and there is one printer located in the modular unit  between Watson and Norton Residence Halls.

This year, students will also receive feedback about amounts of their own printing and how much it costs the College. “Right now our purpose is to simply let you know how much you are printing,” Ronald Griggs, vice president for library and information services, said.

LBIS is working on providing a convenient way to view information about printing consumption, according to Warga. “It is easy to forget there are both economical and ecological costs of printing, and it is important for us to be mindful of that,” he said.

While the printers have moved into the modular units, the library books are relocated further down on campus, in a storage building on the east edge of the athletic facilities by the Kokosing Gap Trail. Students can check out books from this building on a request system through the LBIS website. Requested books will be available for pick-up at Library Building B.

Although the time it will take to deliver books is not yet certain, Director of Collection Services Chris Hudson anticipates it could be significantly less than 24 hours but should not take any more than that.

Warga noted that the LBIS staff is happy to help students find the library services. “If there is a particular resource that students use or would like to use and don’t know how to access it, whether they are concerned it might be different … always ask,” he said. “Everyone here is interested in helping students make the best use of the resources.”


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