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Greek Council considers restructuring after survey results

Greek Council considers restructuring after survey results

Greek Council is considering adjustments to its structure after members of Greek organizations and societies questioned its role on campus last month.

In early March, Greek Council offered delegates and chapter presidents a chance to evaluate the Council in an online survey disseminated over email.

“The results overall were that we could be way more productive and efficient, that we could be using our delegates better,” Greek Council President and Zeta Alpha Pi member Liz Eder ’17 said.

Greek Council is a body that seeks to facilitate conversations between Greek organizations, societies and the Kenyon administration.

As of now, Greek organizations and societies send delegates to Greek Council; these delegates relay the information discussed during Council meetings to their respective organizations.

The proposed changes to Greek Council’s structure would send presidents to Greek Council rather than delegates and split the council into three separate governing bodies for sororities, fraternities and societies.

“The president is the most knowledgeable person in the organization and it cuts out the middleman,” Eder said. In this way, the proposed changes would streamline Greek Council’s communication process.

As the Archons are the only society on campus, their executive board would make up the Society Council, according to Eder.

The proposal has received some opposition. Eder said she feels this opposition comes from reluctance to divide the Greek Community and the fact that the document “needs more clarification and work hammering out the details, so that people feel comfortable,” Eder said.

Skeptics also did not like that the three Councils would not have constitutions when they were formed, according to Eder.

Eder is optimistic that, if Greek Council votes on the proposal to replace del- egates with the presidents of each Greek organization, it will pass.

If the proposal passes, the document will go to Campus Senate for final approval, Assistant Director of Student Engagement Ally Hays said.


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