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Alcohol Task Force releases findings

The Alcohol Task Force, a group formed last year to recommend strategies to address campus drinking culture, released their final report on Monday, April 17. The Collegian compiled a list of the report’s core findings and recommendations. The full report is available at

Observations About Drinking Behavior

Students struggle to find spaces in which they can drink casually.

Kenyon’s ‘work hard/play hard’ culture leads students to use alcohol as a social lubricant.

Disciplinary and Peer-Led Initiatives Suggestions

Increased follow-ups, including communication with the Dean of Students, the substance abuse counselor and the student’s parents.

Restorative justice for repeat offenders

Policy that notifies a student’s parents of any violations that occur during the first week of the fall semester

Increasing the role of Beer and Sex Advisors, extending their work beyond Orientation

Implementing BACCHUS training, a peer educator training system, for the Peer Counselors, Discrimination Advisors, Beer and Sex Advisors and Sexual Misconduct Advisors

Suggested Policy and Handbook Changes

Explicitly ban giving an individual alcohol without their knowing consent, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and having alcohol in residence hall common areas or in outdoor areas not near apartments

Banning hard liquor would be counterproductive.

Hang student-designed posters about alcohol use around campus

Increase wellness programming from the Cox Health and Counseling Center on stress relief, time management and health education

Host more Kenyon-sponsored events that allow overage students to partake in responsible drinking, such as beer tastings


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