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Student arrested for physical assault

A Kenyon senior was arrested early Saturday morning for the alleged physical assault of a student during a party at the North Campus Apartments (NCAs). 

Deputy Knox County Sheriff Kevin Williams arrested John Register ’17 for disorderly conduct and assault, and transported him to the Knox County Jail, according to a copy of the Knox County Sheriff Officer’s (KCSO) report obtained by the Collegian.

Register arrived at the party uninvited and extremely intoxicated, according to Schuyler Vanderveen ’17, who hosted the party at his NCA on Friday night. A few minutes after arriving, Register began harassing two female students outside the door, threatening sexual assault, according to a male sophomore student who was with the two women. The sophomore, who requested anonymity, stepped in to confront him; without warning, Register began throwing punches.

“At that point, I had no idea what was going on, basically,” Vanderveen said. “What happened was six Safety Officers and the sheriff came into my house, and the individual came downstairs and was arrested in my house. And we were trying to put together what had happened.”

Register had returned to campus this past weekend to complete his senior exercise on Sunday afternoon, Vanderveen said, and was not an enrolled student at the College. After the altercation, Register was arrested and spent the night at the Knox County Jail. 

Register paid his bond through Pro Surety, a bail bonds company, totaling $7,500 for the alleged assault and disorderly conduct offenses, and returned to campus Saturday night without the College’s permission, according to Vanderveen. Because Register was a former member of the fraternity Delta Phi, Vanderveen and other members of the fraternity worked with Campus Safety to locate him. Soon after, they concluded that Register had left campus once again.

“When the individual came back to campus last night, because we were closest to him, we felt an obligation to work with Campus Safety to try to find out where he was,” Vanderveen said.

Register and the two witnesses listed in the KCSO report did not respond to requests for comment. Bob Hooper, director of Campus Safety, referred all questions about the incident to Vice President of Student Affairs Meredith Bonham ’92. Bonham confirmed that the incident took place on Saturday morning, although she would not confirm the details, including the names. Bonham said she could not comment on whether the individual returned to campus after the alleged incident, but added that the College will be conducting its own investigation into the incident alongside the Knox County Sheriff.

Vanderveen felt the incident highlights a larger issue of hyper-masculinity within some all-male groups on college campuses. He urged fraternities to have serious conversations about this topic, and denounced the actions of the person arrested for the altercation.

“I think it’s really important for all-male groups like fraternities on campus to recognize that this fight is a result of not only extreme intoxication, but also toxic masculinity,” Vanderveen said. “All-male organizations especially have to engage in a serious conversation … on how to prevent these cases.”

Register’s pretrial is scheduled for Feb. 21 at 1 p.m. at the Mount Vernon Municipal Court.


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