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Student responses to the results of the 2016 election

“I am disappointed in people who didn’t vote or felt privileged enough to vote for third-party candidates. I know there are Trump supporters in the Kenyon community and in smaller groups at Kenyon in which I participate. I am worried about how this will affect morale, cooperation, and the dynamic on campus and in these groups. There is so much more I’m thinking about and I’m still trying to make sense of it all.”

—Sabrina Greene ’18

“Whether or not you see Trump as a problem, he is indicative of a bigger one. And we can start to fix that by acknowledging that people are not evil because of their political beliefs. So if you ever find yourself sitting at the dinner table with a staunch conservative, don’t curse them out and wish you were in Canada. Instead, treat them with the respect that all people deserve, regardless of political belief. Who knows, you just may learn something.”

—Will Haney ’20

“I want to congratulate Donald Trump and his supporters on their victory last night. To those who opposed him during this election season, I am sorry things did not go the way we wanted. But America’s strength lies in our system of democracy and smooth transition of power; I hope we can all come together, regardless of who we voted for, and respect the results of the election.”

—Brooks Alderman ’18

“I am broken-hearted. America made a choice from a place of rage instead of reason.”

  —Alison Georgescu ’19

“To the people who voted for Trump, the next four years rest upon your shoulders. The legacy of President Obama is one of hope, one of change and one of broadening the definition of equality. I find myself lucky to have grown up largely under a president who I knew cared for my well-being, who was a diplomat, who was a peacemaker, and who would stand for those who were unable to stand for themselves. Today my classmates are scared — and rightly so. It is our generation who must carry the burden of this election, and who will live with the consequences that follow for the rest of our lives.”

  —Samantha Berten ’17

These responses have been edited for length and clarity.


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