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Trump and Clinton face off

Gabby Eugenio ’19

My general thoughts: I noticed how gendered it was. Donald Trump said “um” a few times, and I’m sure Hillary couldn’t spare that. Like, she couldn’t say “um,” not even once, or else she’s seen as tentative and not able to be the President of the United States. Something I found compelling was Lester Holt asking about implicit bias and [Hillary] said, “Everyone has implicit bias,” and I thought that was interesting, I like the way she worded that. I thought it was clear who won that debate. But, according to polls that have no statistic value, Trump won.

Chloe Hannah-Drullard ’20

The thing that got me thinking most was the interruption topic: Donald Trump did, what was it, 45 interruptions through the course of the debate? And, afterwards, it got me thinking, maybe Hillary should have stood her ground? But I’ve realized that, as a woman in politics, she’s just unable, and that makes me, as a woman not in politics, but in society, just a little sad … a lot sad. I have a Republican friend who texted me about a post on Facebook that I made defending Hillary, saying that if I believe in equality, then Hillary should be punished just as much as Donald for interrupting. But, I acknowledge that he did not receive any punishment [because] of his status as a cisgendered, white man in politics.

I wished presidential candidates would stop saying “intercity” and “black people” as if they were completely related and 100 percent the same thing, especially after Donald said, ‘These people are living in hell; they go out, they get shot.” As a black woman, I would like to say, I’ve never been shot in my community. This isn’t about [the black community], this is about guns — and people have to realize that’s the truth.

Ethan Starr ’20

We had a chat about the debate in my philosophy class, and the main thing that came out of it was that Trump was very composed at the beginning and the first half hour or so, and then he sort of lost his s—. I felt that at the beginning Hillary was having a difficult time countering him and getting away from his level … But, toward the end, she did start to have point after point of valuable stuff to say, and Trump didn’t have anything to counter it. So, I would say that Clinton did better in the debate, overall.

George Costanzo ’19

I was a little perturbed by the way Hillary was mostly focused on — and, honestly, generally in her campaign so far — cutting down Trump, and being, like, “Donald Trump is a terrible person,” rather than talking about the actual issues. I think that she tried her best to keep her composure and talk about the specific issues, but I don’t even think the moderator for the debate went deep enough with her — like, when they were talking about the police, she just didn’t go into detail. And Trump didn’t either, but he never has, and the people voting for him don’t expect him to.

I do think that if Hillary keeps going with momentum that she’s going at right now, and continues to talk about the issues and her experience in politics thus far, she will continue to win the debates.

Sydney Engelstein ’18

I just hope that the people who are going to vote for Trump thought he looked as ridiculous as the rest of us did.

Katie Connell ’18

I found [the debate] frustrating, terribly, I would say, disheartening. And then I was shocked by a lot of things that were said — and, also, not shocked by a lot of things that were said, because it was expected. Trump would say things that were A) objectively wrong, B) racist and C) unconstitutional, and we just sort of rolled along with it — and that’s extremely freaky because, yeah, you can go and fact-check, but only the liberal arts kids are going to do that. The rest of America is going to take him at his word — and, if the word is wrong, then it’s only reinforcing systematic violence against certain groups of people. And people are fine with it? That, to me, is very disheartening. I was disappointed with the moderator — he let Trump bully his way through, and, really, he just didn’t moderate, he just let Trump speak a lot. He didn’t bring it into a semblance of a congenial debate. I think he could have been a little more assertive.

Guy Bailey ’17

I didn’t watch the debate live, but I watched it afterwards. I looked at the fact-checker on — it’s absolutely ridiculous how much Trump lied during the debate. It’s pointless to watch a debate when you’re arguing between Hillary — who is competent — and Donald Trump, who is an idiot.

Julieanna Luo ’17

I’m from Beijing, China, so I’m an international student, and China was brought up a couple of times in the debate, especially by Trump, and my first feeling was, what has my country done to deserve this? But I know it’s all political.

I think Hillary won. If I could vote, I would vote for Hillary, definitely.

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