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Fighting for Sunset

Fighting for Sunset

As of Wednesday evening over 463 individuals have signed “Save Sunset Cottage,” a petition started by Facebook personality Philander Chase on The campaign, sparked by an opinions piece published in the Sept. 15 issue of the Collegian by Chief Copy Editor Amy Schatz ’17, “rejects the notion of the Master Plan that Sunset Cottage must be removed to make way for newer, plainer buildings.”

“There are inherently formative aspects to historical buildings,” signee Zoe Chrissos ’18 said in a comment on the petition’s homepage. “What would we be had we not rebuilt Old Kenyon? What would the English Department be without Sunset Cottage?

Decatur said the College has not finalized any plans for Sunset, but he would be glad to hear student feedback. “The English Department moving out of Sunset doesn’t directly answer the question about the fate of Sunset,” Decatur said.

Philander Chase, who refused to reveal their identity, said via Facebook message: “Mr. Decatur could make a tremendous mark upon the College — and impression upon those living there — by vetoing this aspect of the Master Plan. It would be the first real thing, I daresay, he has done.”

For more from Decatur on the fate of Sunset Cottage, see his letter to the editor.


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