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Theme houses set for next year

by Nathaniel Shahan

After the release of theme housing decisions on March 27, those who were unsatisfied with their assignments were allowed to appeal within seven days.

Phoebe Roe, chair of the Housing and Dining Committee (HDC) and a Collegian staff writer, explained that the appeals process involves the groups emailing her to set up a time to meet and explain their desire to appeal.

The HDC is moving to make the process by which students are granted theme housing more official. Tabletop club received an offer of a six-person New Apartment, which was switched to a Taft Cottage in the appeals process.    They turned down the Taft, but Roe noted that “we are currently working on allowing them to be a theme house depending on what house they get through the lottery.” Tabletop wanted a more central location, but Roe explained that “we don’t want to give priority housing to people who are not returning groups,” and so they could not get a Morgan or Acland.

Women of Faith wanted a North Campus Apartment, but they are also not a returning group, and are composed primarily of underclass students — seniority still counts for theme housing.

Kenyon Student Athletes appealed the decision occupy them in a Taft, but eventually agreed to take it. Sam Clougher ’17, a member of Kenyon Student Athletes, said that his group had appealed in hopes of getting an Acland or Morgan Apartment. “The Acland was the closest to Peirce [Hall] … and people on the way down to games kind of came from Peirce, so we felt like Aclands or Milks [Morgan Apartments] were the best areas,” Clougher said. HDC cited several reasons, including their lack of seniors and the fact that Outdoors Club and a Community Advisor already filled two. However, Clougher was glad that the group received housing and says they will likely try again for an apartment next year.


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