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StuCo elects new members

by Katherine King

On, Monday, April 20, Kenyon elected its new student council. The polls opened on April 8. Current chair of the Housing and Dining Committee Phoebe Roe ’16, also a Collegian staff writer, ran uncontested for Student Council president. As of now there is no junior class president because no one ran for office. There will be another round of elections for junior class president in the future.

Roe wasn’t involved with Student Council until this year, when she became chair of the Housing and Dining Committee, but she has enjoyed the experience. “I really want to make Student Council just less of a stagnant body,” Roe said. “The committees themselves operate autonomously, and they operate well, and they have stuff they have to do independently of the council, but I think Student Council as a body can work together more on bigger projects.” Roe also wants to make Student Council more accessible. “In the past I think Student Council has been like a private, closed situation, when it’s actually supposed to be a very open forum,” she said.

Vice President for Student Life Sarah Adrianowycz ’16, who ran against Kantaphon Amornrat ’16, will continue in her office for a second year. “Working with Student Council has shown me that a lot of what happens at Kenyon does come from the students, but that it’s from the work and opinions of a very small group,” she wrote in an email to the Collegian. “I’ve become more involved in campus life since joining Student Council and it shapes the way I feel about the campus and the community.”

Next year Saige Simpson ’16 will be the vice president for Academic Affairs; Guillermo Garcia Montenegro ’17 and Noremberg Alejandro Henao ’16 will be co-chairs of the Business and Finance Committee; Jack Quigley ’16 will be the chair of Housing and Dining; Timothy Broderick ’16 will be the chair of Buildings and Grounds; Logan Konkol ’16 will be the independent representative to Campus Senate; Ryan Carson ’17 will be junior class representative to Campus Senate and to Student Council; Eliza Abendroth ’18 will be sophomore class president; Cayla Anderson ’18 will be sophomore class representative to Student Council and Campus Senate; Trevor Kirby ’16 will be senior class president; Bhekimpi Mhlanga ’16 will be senior class representative to Campus Senate; and Erika Cuevas ’16 will be senior class representative to Student Council.


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