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BFC allocates for clubs

by Lauren Eller

The Business and Finance Committee (BFC) granted $155,000 to student organizations for the fall semester, a change from $160,531 this time last year. This number will allow for supplemental allocations during the semester, according to Director of  Student Activities and Greek Life Laura Kane, meaning that the BFC can supply organizations with additional money. Kane indicated that the amount allocated for the fall semester is characteristic of other years in the past.

BFC co-chairs Peter Lind ’15 and Garrett Stalker ’15 wrote in an email to the Collegian that the committee received 45 budget submissions from student groups, including the Collegian. The ultimate sum of $155,000 allocated to student groups was approximately what the body expected to grant. “The BFC had an initial target of around $150,000 to be allocated for the fall semester; following the hearing, we allocated $155,000 in total,” Lind and Stalker wrote in an email to the Collegian.

“From year to year, [allocations] always depend on who even asks for money and how much they ask for, depending on what their plans are, and also does the request meet what’s specified in the bylaws or not,” Kane said. “But there was no change in … the philosophy behind allocating.” The bylaws outline how much they will allocate for specific expenses; for example, the BFC pays a maximum of $100 for costume and prop costs per production and a maximum of $20 for publicity per event.

“The student groups receiving funding did not change in any meaningful way,” Lind and Stalker wrote. “There are traditionally fewer requests for the fall semester so we ran into less issues with budget constraints. … We strive to provide funding for the best programming on campus, regardless of particular group.”

Kane added that programs with the most well-prepared budgets were the best candidates for receiving funding, because they gave the committee a clear idea of just how they planned on utilizing their funds.

“We also talk about how well is [the] program planned — if there are no details about [what they’re planning], it’s really difficult because our funding model is to allocate for specific events for most of the groups, and if there are no details then that’s very hard to do,” Kane said. “I will say there were quite a few requests that were really well done. There’s a lot of really cool programming that will be coming our way in the fall that the BFC was more than happy to support.”

Lind and Stalker wrote that there were necessary cuts to groups’ budgets, though less so than there were for the current semester. “Once again, we were forced to make cuts to student group budgets on the basis of constraints in funds available to the BFC, by a margin of [$20,000], as opposed to [$80,000] last semester,” they wrote. “While unfortunate, these constraints help to ensure that funding is going to the best possible events.”


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