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Village Record: March 2 – 25

March 2, 5:18 p.m. — Fire alarm activated by cooking in the North Campus Apartments (NCAs). No fire. Smoke cleared. Alarm reset.

March 2, 5:51 p.m. — Damage found to window and crawl space board in Bexley Hall. Signs of alcohol consumption and extinguished fire. Fire extinguisher found.

March 4, 4:13 p.m. — Student failed to control vehicle, causing damage to two vehicles at the Kenyon Athletic Center (KAC). Knox County Sheriff’s Office responded.

March 6, 5:33 p.m. — Strong odor of chemicals from basement of Hayes Hall. Responsible person in specified area contacted and responded with Campus Safety. Naturally occurring odor found.

March 8, 11:34 p.m. — Staff member reported falling on ice at the Church of the Holy Spirit. No injury or pain at time of report.

March 13, 1:12 a.m. — Fire alarm activated by burned baked food at the Brown Family Environmental Center. Officer found one occupant asleep in bed. Student occupant was underage and smelled of alcohol. Smoke cleared. Alarm reset.

March 14, 10:19 a.m. — Student reported damage to vehicle occurring during spring break at the KAC.

March 14, 10:48 a.m. — Student vehicle stuck in mud in the NCAs. Advised to wait for rain to stop and then get assistance.

March 15, 12:28 a.m. — Student found to be taking bike from rack at Weaver Cottage. Did not stop when asked by an officer. Other students present. Bike found at other location.

March 15, 12:28 a.m. — Students attempting to get into the Gambier Grill unauthorized. Ran when approached by officer(s). Two of the four students were stopped.

March 16, 1:13 a.m. — Students found to be in possession of projection screen in Hanna Residence Hall. Students gave false information regarding their whereabouts.

March 19, 12:07 a.m. — Underage intoxicated student in the NCAs. Safety responded. Student assessed by squad. Student signed off on transport.

March 21, 12:30 a.m. — Underage intoxicated student in Manning Residence Hall. Safety responded. Squad called and transported to Knox Community Hospital. Student received a citation for underage consumption.

March 21, 2:08 a.m. — Community Advisors reported two condoms blown up with writing on them in Norton Residence Hall.

March 21, 2:15 a.m. — Male student found in public area without pants on in Mather Residence Hall. Student complied with instructions to dress appropriately and went to his residence hall.

March 21, 4:20 p.m. — Visitor reported car bumper damaged by another unknown vehicle in Olin Lot. No injuries reported.

March 21, 5:15 p.m. — Student shut finger in door of residence causing injury in Farr Hall. Safety responded and treated wound.

March 22, 12:28 a.m. — Student with history of asthma experienced difficulty breathing in Caples Residence Hall. Safety responded, assessed and showed breathing technique. Marked improvement. Encouraged to go to Health Center.

March 22, 5:42 p.m. — Student suffered a seizure in Peirce Hall. Student’s parent was present and assisted. Safety responded. Squad responded and transported to KCH.

March 23, 8:07 p.m. — Student complaint of faster than normal heart rate in Caples. Safety responded. Squad called and transported to KCH for further evaluation.

March 25, 11:41 p.m. — Student found to have Village aluminum sign in residence in Hanna Residence Hall. Currently under investigation.


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