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ResLife changes lottery

by Maya Lowenstein

In recently years, Kenyon students perennially compare the cutthroat nature of the housing lottery to The Hunger Games. Recently, the housing lottery has presented students with many difficulties, from point deductions to the time commitment of the lottery itself. But this year’s lottery will feature many changes intended to make the process less painful.

This year, the housing lottery will take place over three days instead of one, according to an updated web page provided by the Office of Housing and Residential Life (ResLife) in an email yesterday. North Campus Apartments (NCAs) and senior lotteries will take place Thursday, April 16. Rising juniors will select on Tuesday, April 21, and rising sophomores will choose on Thursday, April 23.

“We’re hoping that by splitting it up, people won’t have to sit at the KAC [Kenyon Athletic Center] all day long,” Associate Director for ResLife Lisa Train said.

Any underclassman wishing to room with an upperclassman will go during the upperclassman’s registration process.

“In my experience working in the housing lottery, … there were a lot of variables which would make the process take longer,” Chair of the Housing and Dining Committee (HDCO) Phoebe Roe  ’16 , who is also a staff writer for the Collegian, said. “We are hoping this will … expedite the process.”

ResLife is considering eliminating the point deduction system for those who live in division or theme housing. Division housing consists of designated rooms available for members of each Greek organization or Peeps O’Kenyon located in Leonard, Hanna and Old Kenyon Residence Halls. Based on the results of a survey sent by HDC. The HDC announced via email on Feb. 9 that they will be “recommending that Kenyon’s Residential Life remove housing lottery point deductions.” Students who have lost lottery points in the past from living in division would regain their points. Of the 455 responses, 34 percent wanted to remove all lottery-point deductions, 33 percent wanted to remove lottery-point deductions for division and 25 percent wanted to remove lottery-point deductions for theme housing. Thirty-two percent wanted to keep lottery-point deductions, and 25.7 percent of respondents had lost points in the past. The majority of the participants had not been directly affected by point deductions.

ResLife came to the HDC to discuss the change, as south-campus housing may not be the most appealing option because of the construction of the NCAs, New Apartments and Acland Apartments. As Greek housing is primarily south, this has given Greeks an advantage in previous years.

“Taking the point deduction away will possibly help spread division and theme housing more over campus because the sophomores will have a greater incentive to live in division because they won’t be afraid of how it will affect their senior housing,” Computer Records Supervisor and Housing Process Coordinator for Student Affairs Division Cathy Kempton said.

If the recommendation passes after approval from administrators, the lottery would be “solely based on seniority,” according to Roe and Train.


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