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Village Record: Sept. 25 – Oct. 1

Sept. 25, 10:49 a.m. — Fire alarm in the Gund Gallery sounded due to burnt food. No fire. No smoke reported. Alarm reset.

Sept. 25, 10:17 p.m. — Student(s) in Norton Residence Hall suspected of smoking marijuana. Heavy scent of substance around them.

Sept. 26, 11:39 p.m. — Student(s) received citations for underage consumption and open container by Knox County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO).

Sept. 27, 12:53 a.m. — Intoxicated, underaged student in Old Kenyon Residence Hall. Safety responded.

Sept. 27, 2:49 a.m. — Intoxicated, legal-aged student in Taft Cottages sustained injuries after fall. Student transported to Knox Community Hospital (KCH) for further examination and treatment.

Sept. 27, 11:50 p.m. — Student in Hanna Residence Hall reported blood on restroom floor, paper towels and a blood trail leading to the exterior door. Also, a broken window pane was found. Maintenance informed.

Sept. 28, 12:42 a.m. — Unauthorized vehicle parked in College Township Fire Department lot. Reported that a stun gun was being flashed at people. KCSO was called and responded. Person(s) in vehicle left after speaking with deputies and without further incident.

Sept. 28, 1:07 a.m. — Intoxicated, underaged student in New Apartments. Safety responded.

Sept. 28, 1:36 a.m. — Intoxicated, underaged student in Acland Apartments. Safety responded.

Sept. 28, 6:57 p.m. — Student experienced allergic reaction to food in the Crozier Center for Women. Difficulty breathing, blurred vision and loss of consciousness reported. EpiPen used. Squad responded and assumed care. Transported to KCH.

Sept. 28., 8:40 p.m. — Student(s) in Crozier reported personal and group items taken from building without consent.

Sept. 28, 8:42 p.m. — Student with sutures in Lewis Residence Hall requested a Safety officer to check for infection. No infection apparent. Student instructed to consult Health Center Services.

Sept. 28, 10:35 p.m. — Community Advisor reported damaged table in McBride Residence Hall. Tabletop was removed from base.

Sept. 29, 7:41 a.m. — Beer bottle thrown through office window in Ascension Hall, causing window to break and chipping storm window.


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