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Serial defecation strikes residence halls, art

By Jack Quigley

In the last few weeks, there have been multiple instances of people defecating in various public locations on campus. Community Advisor Stephanie Cordonnier ’15 first informed her residents in Bushnell Residence Hall of the issue via email last Thursday. In response, Bushnell resident Bridget Murdoch ’17 said, “Pooping in communal places should not be a problem [for] 18- to 22-year-olds, so the entire situation perplexes me.”

Defecation has been reported in Bushnell as well as both Mather and Caples Residence Halls.

Additionally, an art piece created in the Installation Art course, which was positioned over the post in the Gates of Hell on Middle Path, was destroyed and defecated on. This prompted a response from the Kenyon College Public Art Commision, who decried the act of vandalism in an email sent to the community.

In response to the issue, the Office of Housing and Residential Life (ResLife) passed the issue along to the Housing and Dining Committee. Jill Engel-Hellman, Director of Housing and Residential Life, presented the issue to the committee in their meeting last Thursday, according to Housing and Dining Committee Chair Phoebe Roe ’16, who is also a Collegian staff writer. “ResLife told the Housing and Dining Committee about it and we decided we definitely want to do something about it,” Roe said. “Not just about this, but about the general lack of respect we’ve seen on campus recently. And I think a lot of it has been directed towards [the] Maintenance [Department] and [the Office of Campus] Safety workers. We’re asking Campus Safety officers and custodial workers to write letters anonymously, which are then going to be distributed to the student body. We’ll put them up in Peirce, in bathrooms and around campus.”


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