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Village Record Sept. 18 – Sept. 24

Sept. 18, 2:25 a.m. ­— Fire alarm sounded in Caples Residence Hall. No smoke. No fire. Alarm reset.

Sept. 18, 3:13 a.m. — Student complaint of flu in North Campus Apartment (NCA). Student assisted by Safety officer(s). No emergency medical services required.

Sept. 18, 5:12 p.m. — Student in Peirce Hall lost consciousness and color and was cold to the touch after giving blood. Squad contacted and student transported to Knox Community Hospital (KCH).

Sept. 18, 9:23 p.m. — Fire alarm in Acland Apartment sounded due to burnt food. No fire. No smoke reported. Alarm reset.

Sept. 19, 12:16 a.m. — Student complaint of extremely swollen ankle due to a spider bite. Student privately transported from Caples to KCH for treatment.

Sept. 19, 1:10 a.m. — Unknown students pulled hallway fire alarm in McBride Residence Hall. No smoke. No fire.

Sept. 20, 1:11 a.m. — Unknown persons pulled fire alarm in hallway of McBride. Safety checked building. No smoke. No fire.

Sept. 20, 7:00 a.m. — Report of alcohol consumed in the Black Box Theater.

Sept. 20, 12:00 p.m.  — Phallic image drawn on the door of a resident in McBride.

Sept. 20, 5:10 p.m. — Fire alarm sounded in Olin lot. No smoke. No fire. Alarm reset. Trouble alarm continued. Maintenance contacted.

Sept. 20, 10:00 p.m.  — Phallic image drawn on wall in McBride. Covered until Maintenance could respond and remove.

Sept. 20, 10:35 p.m.  — Intoxicated, underage student in Hanna Residence Hall. Safety responded. Squad called and transported to KCH. Student cited for underage consumption.

Sept. 21, 1:09 a.m. — Student in McBride checked by Safety after seeing an abrasion on chin and fat lip. Student had no other complaints.

Sept. 21 2:00 a.m. — Unknown students in Mather Residence Hall took items from refrigerator without approval.

Sept. 21, 2:30 a.m.  — Student in Pink House assisting another who appeared to be intoxicated. Students would not stop when called to. Safety contacted to respond.

Sept. 21, 2:37 a.m.  — Student in Leonard Residence Hall reported accusation of hitting non-student vehicle. Statements taken from both parties and witnesses.

Sept. 21, 10:05 a.m. — Employee reported improperly parked vehicle. Knox County Sheriff’s Office responded. Car was found to be in possession of students. Miscommunication cited. No charges.

Sept. 21, 6:23 p.m. — Fire alarm in NCA sounded due to burnt food. No fire. No smoke reported. Alarm reset.

Sept. 22, 8:30 a.m. Phallic images drawn on whiteboard in Old Kenyon Residence Hall. Images erased.

Sept. 22, 8:27 p.m.  — Student hit a tree with vehicle after swerving to avoid animal. No injuries reported. Damage was sustained by vehicle.


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