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Student Council: Monday, April 21

by Graham Reid

Campus Senate told Council about their most recent meeting, at which Senate members talked with President Sean Decatur about their role going forward.

The First-Year Class Committee discussed their ongoing boxer sale and plans to hold an event where ice cream will be served on the First-Year Quad.

The Sophomore Class Committee canceled their planned bonfire due to lack of time.

The Junior Class Committee reported they are accepting applications for the Senior Class Committee.

The Senior Class Committee reported their planned gazebo has been approved by the College and that they are attempting to gain Village approval. The gazebo will stand in the North Campus Apartment new loop.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee told Council about continued plans for new trash can installation and the installation of K-Card readers on academic buildings, which will go live by next fall. Council emphasized the need for clear email communication on the schedule for the readers to go live.

Council heard about a plan to place cup-return bins in apartment housing areas in North Campus from the Housing and Dining Committee. The Committee also discussed a complaint they heard from a student about the lack of South Campus non-division housing for men.

Council approved the Business and Finance Committee’s (BFC) recommendations for fall 2014 semester allocations. In total, the BFC received requests for $160,000 from student groups, about $138,000 of which were granted. Funds were awarded in accordance with BFC bylaws; the BFC covered only two-thirds of all lodging expenses, no food expenses and limited publicity expenses. Council approved the BFC’s recommendations unanimously, except when Council members abstained due to club affiliation.


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