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Peirce orders more cups. Again.

By Sam Colt

The abundance of paper cups in the servery means just one thing — plastic cups are once again making their way out of Peirce in record numbers.

“We are once again running low on plastic cups,” AVI Resident Director Kim Novak said. “We have an inventory of about 800 cups, and we serve at least 1600 for each meal,  so we are supplementing with paper cups.”

AVI placed an order for 1,800 more plastic cups last week, which they hope will last them through summer events like commencement and reunion weekend.

Some students have lamented the culture of stealing cups from Peirce, as it hurts all who dine there.

“The number of cups we lose each semester is ridiculous,” said Rachel Bishop ’14, chair of Student Council’s Housing and Dining Committee. “Cups are not students’ personal property and taking them hurts everyone.”

Novak said AVI is trying new strategies designed to discourage students from taking cups out of Peirce.

“We are placing a new sign at the register to remind students they may bring in their own reusable cup,” she said.

Although new cups are headed to the Hill, continually ordering more may not be sustainable.

“At the rate we lose them, they probably can’t afford to keep replacing them,” Bishop said.


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