Section: News

Student Council

By Graham Reid

The First-Year Class Committee reported that their boxer sale has been largely successful.
The Sophomore Class Committee told Council about their plans for a Thursday night bonfire to be held on South Quad.
The Junior Class Committee is preparing for next year, and considering the possibility of another fundraiser.
The Senior Class Committee discussed nearly finalized plans for Senior Week, along with the possibilities for a senior gift; it will continue to investigate a gazebo option, and would settle on a tree if other options prove too difficult.
The Buildings and Grounds Committee announced it will be taking a newly proactive stance on accessibility. Additionally, the College will be saving $21,000 annually on its elevator contract.
The Business and Finance Committee announced that the final supplemental budget hearing of the semester was scheduled for Monday, March 24.
Council heard from the Housing and Dining Committee about theme housing; the Committee received 14 applications and planned to meet on Wednesday to decide to which groups they would award housing.
Council heard from the Committee on Academic Affairs about on-going discussions on experiential learning. Council then discussed other issues, such as the need for diversity in the curriculum and the benefits and administrative challenges of implementing a first-year seminar program.
In the wake of Mount Vernon Schools’ ban on e-cigarettes, Council brought up possible regulation of the smoke-free devices. Council members found no pressing reasons for regulation, so discussion was tabled but will be reopened in the event of complaints.
Council discussed Kenyon’s distribution requirements, including a desire for interdisciplinary combination for two departments in a division to satisfy a requirement, and the need for better advising about how requirements should affect scheduling choices for first-year students.
Council members were instructed to read the Campus Constitution in preparation for a discussion of potential changes next week.


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