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Peirce orders more cups, plates, utensils

Peirce orders more cups, plates, utensils

Peirce ordered 1,500 cups after their initial supply of 2,500 had been reduced to 150.

By Henri Gendreau

Last semester witnessed Peirce’s cup supply dwindle from 2,500 to a measly 150. But students’ thirst has been quenched once more after AVI Foodsystems ordered 1,500 more plastic cups at the beginning of this semester.

“Normally we start out at the beginning of the year, before you guys get here, we order $10,000 worth of product,” which includes cutlery and plates, AVI Executive Chef Meagan Worth-Cappell said.

Worth-Cappell said AVI has never had to order more product as early as January — usually restocking for the second semester around spring break.

“We want to make sure we have as much as we can,” she said.

AVI spent $4,000 on 1,500 cups, 1,800 tea spoons, 600 soup spoons, 360 bowls and 400 lo mein bowls.

“A lot more have disappeared,” than usual, Worth-Cappell said of Peirce’s diminishing plates and utensils (2,000 spoons in August were reduced to 242 in December, for example). “This is … pretty bad,” she said, sighing.


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