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They want to take your blood: Inside Delt’s blood drives

They want to take your blood: Inside Delt’s blood drives

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​​Despite popular campus YikYak theories, the brothers of Delta Tau Delta (Delt) are not vampires — but they are asking for your blood. About once a month, the American Red Cross ventures to Kenyon to team up with our Delt chapter for blood donation drives. This March, students signed up to donate in the Gund Commons Ballroom from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The inspiration behind the blood drive comes from Delt’s connection to philanthropy. Nationally, the fraternity partners with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which advocates for people with Type 1 Diabetes and furthers research in the field. Kenyon Delts put their own spin on community philanthropy by teaming up with the Red Cross to host blood drives. “While the blood drives do not directly connect with our national philanthropy, we love doing it because in a more general way it aligns with Delta Tau Delta’s desire to serve its community,” Christophe LeBlanc ’25, philanthropy chair and treasurer of Delt, wrote in a message to the Collegian.

Immediately upon walking in, members of Delt greet donors, scan their IDs and show them to a waiting area. In general, Delt welcomes both those with appointments and walk-ins. Afterward, a Red Cross employee guides donors to booths to check vitals, ask a few medical questions and confirm that female donors have hemoglobin levels above 12.5 grams per deciliter (g/dL) and male donors have above a 13.0 g/dL for donation. All of these steps are taken to ensure donor blood is ready — safety first! All the while, participants are set at ease with music playing on a speaker, from pop to cool jazz. 

After preliminary questions, donors are taken to an ever-so-comfy reclining medical bench — where the real fun begins. X marks the spot on the donor’s arm and they are hooked up to the blood bag. The blood donation itself takes about eight to 10 minutes, and at the end, donors’ arms are wrapped up with a bright red bandage and sent to a snack table. “I have personally given blood a handful of times and I would say that it is a small sacrifice to pay that really does go a long way toward helping patients in need. Give blood, save lives!” LeBlanc said. 

For this blood drive, donors not only got Oreos and juice boxes, but also T-shirts. This month, the Red Cross is partnering with “Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire,” with the slogan “Rise Together, Give Blood.” With an afternoon snack and a new sleep shirt to boot, donors truly lucked out. 

The Delts have hosted six blood drives this year and their next drive takes place on April 25. Twenty-three donors signed up for this blood drive and the Delts are striving for even bigger numbers in the future. “I have volunteered at the blood drive many times since my freshman year, and it’s always been a great experience. The Red Cross makes the process super simple, so I definitely encourage people to donate,” Vice President of Delt William Wilson ’25 wrote in a message to the Collegian

Whether you know them for their ‘formal Friday’ suits or their lovely Lodge, the next time you see an email from the Delts about their blood drives, think about signing up for one.


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