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Leap into the leap year with 29 things to do this February

Leap into the leap year with 29 things to do this February

When people think of February, they often think of the winter chill settling in or how the holidays are long gone, yet spring is still far away. Others may think of Black History Month, Groundhog Day or celebrating Valentine’s Day with their special someone. Or maybe someone is an Aquarius or Pisces with a birthday on the horizon. This list gives a day-by-day look into everything that can be fabulous about February: after all, 29 days only come around every four years.

Feb. 1: It’s important for the first day of the month to start out strong. That’s why followers of good karma and social media lovers might entice themselves to make a “first-of-the-month” TikTok. Whether posting for the whole world, your devoted friends and followers or just saving the video for drafts, legend has it that your whole month will be smooth sailing if you do this quick-and-easy task. 

Feb. 2: What’s better for your mindfulness and tranquility than a nice walk out in nature on Groundhog Day? Luckily for all residents of the Hill, there are many options to choose from, including the Brown Family Environmental Center and Kokosing Gap Trail — or just take a stroll down Middle Path. Maybe you’ll spot a groundhog!

Feb. 3: One of the most refreshing and energizing activities I find myself doing on a Saturday morning is none other than going with friends to Wiggin Street Coffee. Coffee drinkers are perhaps in two different categories: having a “regular” order or daring to try something new each time you go. While I order some monthly drinks often and others I only try once, all of them are worth a taste. 

Feb. 4: The day that sophomores are anxiously awaiting: off-campus study applications are due. Wrap up your future goals, challenges and travel plans and turn them in to the Center for Global Engagement. 

Feb. 5: As we inch closer and closer to midterm season, what better way to stay on top of the mountain of work you have than going for a late-night study session? If you have never heard the ringing voice over the loudspeaker of Chalmers Library telling you that you have a few minutes to get to the Carver Reading Room, now is your chance. 

Feb. 6: Just because it isn’t the beginning of the semester anymore doesn’t mean that it’s too late to get involved in new clubs and activities. Put your name down for something interesting — you never know what you might find. 

Feb. 7: One of the sweetest feelings in the world is when you’re running from place to place in the middle of the day, and someone stops you and tells you how much they love your outfit or hair. Brighten someone’s day with a compliment, and make them and yourself feel great.

Feb. 8: Add something new to your morning routine. The last thing anyone wants to hear is their alarm clock blaring in the morning. However, there are many hygiene, self-care and organizational steps you can do to start the day off right. My recent favorites have been using an SPF moisturizer and perfume, but the opportunities are endless. 

Feb. 9: Take a trip down to the Lowry Center and go for a jog, lift or step on the stairmaster. There’s nothing better than feeling good and looking good. If you’re not a gymgoer, there are other activities Lowry has to offer, including the hot tub beside the pool or the sauna inside the locker room. 

Feb. 10: Start reading a new book. If you’re like me, you might have tons of time on your hands to read for pleasure over breaks from the academic year, but coming back to school, all of that reading is devoted to classes. If you have any space in your day to take a break and cross a book off of your TBR, definitely give it a try. 

Feb. 11: Every weekend, my friends and I indulge in “Treat Yourself Sundays.” Not only do they make Sundays fun, but they also give a great incentive to get a lot of work done. Mine starts with Peirce Dining Hall brunch, then Wiggins, work, meetings and lastly dinner out with friends — but of course, you can mix and match. 

Feb. 12: Ohio’s unpredictable winters necessitate effective layering — trust that you can still be stylish with leggings under your jeans or turtlenecks under sweatshirts. This is coming from someone whose wet hair actually froze because I wasn’t wearing a hat. 

Feb. 13: Play in the snow. This might be wishful thinking, but if it happens to snow on Feb. 13, try a classic frolic. It is the most fun thing, seriously.

Feb. 14: Of course, one can’t forget about a day dedicated to love. Celebrating Valentine’s Day, whether that looks like a romantic candlelit dinner, a spa night with your friends or video games in your dorm room — what’s better than getting and giving a little extra love?

Feb. 15: Psychological studies can confirm: Daily affirmations help mental health. It’s time to start standing in front of your mirror and telling yourself how amazing, smart and attractive you are — because, newsflash: Everyone is all of those things.

Feb. 16: Support our student-run radio station, WKCO, by tuning in to a radio show. WKCO promotions director and co-program director, Laney Goodrum ’26, hosts a Friday show every week at 7 p.m.: “I generally start off playing chiller tunes and then I shift into more of a dance party vibe…I’m super excited for my show on Feb. 16 because my parents are going to be in town, and my dad (who was a college radio DJ himself) will get to come on the show for a special episode,” Goodrum wrote in a message to the Collegian.

Feb. 17: You know what they say in the folk song: “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other, gold.” Kenyon is known for the friendly faces that are visible everywhere. Strike up a conversation and spend some quality time with your favorite people.

Feb. 18: Venture to the bookstore at 8 p.m. on Sundays for the weekly Tiny Rug Concert. “My favorite part about Tiny Rug is that it’s a chance to hear new music by students and I feel like it benefits Kenyon because it gives students another place to perform and express themselves,” Will Bryant ’25, coordinator of the concerts, wrote in a message to the Collegian.

Feb. 19: Perhaps you are in the trenches of midterms on Feb. 19,  but if you have any spare time and you don’t know what to do — rearrange your room. Raise your bed, move your desk or put up those LED lights that have been sitting on your desk for months on end. Whatever it may be, there’s surely something you can do to spruce up your room.

Feb. 20: Do your work in a location where you have never studied before. Popular study spots on campus inevitably have days where it feels like they are overflowing with stressed students. To reduce some of that stress, find a quiet spot somewhere you’ve never thought to put your books and backpack down before. 

Feb. 21: Pick out your clothes the night before you wear them. Some people may do this every day, while others might think this practice is merely for those of us with too much time on our hands. However, it’s refreshing to wake up and see a thoughtfully picked outfit lying on your desk instead of marching to your closet in the dark.

Feb. 22: Learn how to juggle. I have not had the chance to master this skill yet, but on Feb. 22, I fully intend to work on my hand-eye coordination and juggle for the first time in my life. 

Feb. 23: Create a Yik Yak post and get higher than 30 Yakarma. For those of you who have not yet succumbed to the endless void that is Yik Yak, the anonymous app allows for almost any thought to be posted directly to the Kenyon community. It’s kind of like a 2000s movie where everyone gets a notification about the main character at the same time. 

Feb. 24: Another week has passed, which means you potentially have some time to go to a game or competition and support Kenyon Owl athletes. 

Feb. 25: The Career Development Office is all about consistency, and you could be too. Every week a Sunday newsletter is sent to all students, so make sure to take a look at the next one you receive. You can find everything from jobs and summer internships to post-graduate opportunities there. 

Feb. 26: Take a deep dive into Kenyon lore. There are so many options: haunted spots, historical figures — it’s all right here. 

Feb. 27: It might not be the start of classes, so icebreakers aren’t quite as prevalent as they were a few weeks ago, but it can never hurt to learn a cool fun fact.

Feb. 28: Grind again — yes, that’s it: grind.

Feb. 29: It’s a day that comes once every four years, so make it count. Come up with a leap-year tradition with your BFFs and have some fun with it.  

From new routines to juggling, take this month to try new things or revamp your old habits — anything to make the next 29 days feel fun, fresh and all things February.


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