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Diving into Club Swim’s weekly workshops and practices

Diving into Club Swim’s weekly workshops and practices

Members of the Kenyon swimming and diving teams teach Sunday workshops. | COURTESY OF A.J. MOLINA

Swimming at Kenyon can be competitive, but it doesn’t have to be: Students are always welcome to use the Steen Aquatic Center, but for those hoping for a more communal experience, Club Swim offers the chance for non-varsity athletes to practice and participate in a positive learning environment. 

Beginning this semester, Club Swim is hosting weekly Sunday Swimming Workshops from 2 to 3 p.m. Swimmers of all levels are welcome to attend and work with a student coach on any swimming ability, such as stroke technique, starts and turns and overall swim performance. 

The workshops are led by three student coaches: Norah Cullicot ’27, Alex Doerwaldt ’27 and James Tracey ’25, all of whom are members of the Kenyon swimming and diving teams. The coaches are experts in their sport, but they tailor their feedback to all skill levels. Club president Cathy Song ’24 explained in an email to the Collegian that the coaches “always bring a burst of positivity and fun to the pool, turning each session into not just a learning experience but a genuinely good time for us all to grow and improve our skills.”

 One of the main goals of Club Swim is to provide a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere: “It is important to us that everyone, regardless of their swimming ability, feels welcome and comfortable. This inclusivity is at the heart of why we introduced the Sunday workshops,” Song saids. “[The workshops are] an opportunity for individuals who are either new to swimming or looking to refine their techniques.” The club wants to reach out to different groups of people as well as encourage more folks to “discover the joys of swimming,” according to Song.

Outside of these workshops, Club Swim meets from 7 to 8 p.m. every Monday and Thursday for regular practice. Song explained the importance of regular practices: “These sessions are the backbone of our club, where members of all skill levels come together to improve their swimming abilities, stay fit and most importantly, have fun in the water,” she wrote.

Leah Fanello ’25, a member of Club Swim, has enjoyed her time with the club: “I joined Club Swim as it was a good way to be involved in student life, meet friends and improve swimming skills. It’s also a great exercise and an effective way to relieve stress,” she wrote in a message to the Collegian

Club Swim is a great way to get involved in swimming in an instructional and supportive environment, allowing students to work out, relieve some stress and meet other swimmers. For anyone who hasn’t swum before but wants to dive into a new hobby, Club Swim encourages stopping by a workshop or reaching out to Club Swim at 


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