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Winter break provides chance to rest, unwind and recharge

As winter break comes to an end, it’s important for Kenyon students to take a moment to reflect on the month we had off from school. Whether that time was spent traveling, hanging out with friends and family or recovering from the semester, winter break looked different for all Kenyon students. Here are some of the highlights from what students did with their time off and their best ways to unwind from the semester. 

Ethan Blake ’26, who spent his whole break back home in Maine, went skiing and played board games with his friends. Blake said that the best way for him to de-stress after the fall semester was to “spend a few days inside with family and friends.”

Asher Caruso ’25 spent the vacation on the Isle of Wight in England with his girlfriend and her family. Caruso said that the highlight of his trip was being able to spend a lot of time with his girlfriend and meet her friends and family. “[The] best way for [me] to unwind is doing things I enjoy that I don’t have as much time for during the semester – music, writing, drawing, catching up with friends, movies, sleeping and more,” he said.

Anna Kalnite ’25 went to Utah to celebrate Christmas and New Years with her family. After Kalnite came back from Utah, she went on tour with Take Five, Kenyon’s Jazz a cappella group.  She described the tour as the highlight of her break: “I really enjoyed traveling with them and got closer with everyone, which was so meaningful for me as a new member of the group.” 

Peter Haywood ’26 spent most of his break resting at his home in New York. Haywood thinks the best way to unwind is “to be surrounded by the familiar and to take it easy.” His highlight of winter break was going to Southern California for a few days before the semester started: “The best part of the trip was going on a hike in Joshua Tree [National Park], which is stunningly beautiful.”

Kaitlyn Ingersoll ’27 worked throughout her break, but she also found time to hang out with friends from high school. She found that journaling and resting in bed were the best ways for her to recharge.  “Doing nothing for a month helped me recharge, and also made me miss being on campus a ton,” Ingersoll said.

Ashita Wagh ’24 traveled to India over the break not only to visit family and friends but also to attend her brother’s wedding. Wagh said that “catching up on TV shows I wasn’t able to give time to during the semester was the perfect way to focus on relaxing after a hectic semester.” 

Whatever unwinding may mean to you, it is important to do whatever is best for you to relax and feel rejuvenated for the spring. Best of luck with the start of the semester, Owls!


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