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Kenyon’s Kanines: Meet the dogs who call the Hill home

Kenyon’s Kanines: Meet the dogs who call the Hill home


Kenyon is home to 1,877 students and, more importantly, many dogs. Walking on Middle Path, one can often see all kinds of dogs frolicking in the pre-fall air and basking in the attention of adoring students. As we enter the fourth full week of classes, taking a moment to stop and pet a dog is becoming more and more necessary for many students grappling with the stresses of the semester. So, in an effort to spread some joy and introduce a couple of wonderful dogs, we have compiled a few survey responses from dog owners around campus on behalf of their pawed friends. Here is what they have to say about their furry companions:

Dog: Goose

Owner: Hannah Sussman ’25

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 5 Months

Favorite Word: Goooose

Favorite Spot on Campus: NCA circle

Dog’s Words if They Could Talk: “Hey everyone uhm hi, quick question, how come we’re not, you know, devoting all our attention to me right now?”

Kenyon Major: Anthropology major, with a studio art minor

Fun Fact: Training to be a service dog with my best friend, Wilbur.

Wiggins Street Coffee Order: Frozen peanut butter frappe 

Dog: Parker

Owner: Aries Lara ’27

Nickname(s): Parker Warkers (pronounced: WUAR-KERS)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 8 Months

Favorite Word: Water

Favorite Spot on Campus: The field of grass in front of Peirce Dining Hall; that’s where we play fetch all the time.

Dog’s Words if They Could Talk: “HI MOM” is pretty accurate — he thinks I birthed him so he is, in simple terms, obsessed with me.

Kenyon Major: He would definitely be a psychology or any other science major; he’s super smart but at the same time has no brain cells.

Fun Fact: He’s a service dog in training!

Wiggins Street Coffee Order: ICED Galaxy Latte

Dog: Collin

Owner: Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History Dani Ezor

Nickname(s): Coco, CocoBaby, Puppa, Bubba, Collin Wollin, Cocomo, Mr Collin (said in an English accent), and Master Collin Duke of Sloth, Earl of Sunbeams, and Member of the Order of the Soft Tum

Breed: 1/4 American Hairless Terrier, 1/4 chihuahua, 1/4 shih tzu, 1/8 miniature schnauzer, 1/8 SuperMutt!

Age: 7

Favorite Word: Dinner time!

Favorite Spot on Campus: Professor Ezor’s Office

Dog’s Words if They Could Talk: “Rub my belly, mommy!!!”

Kenyon Major: Bark history (art history but only paintings of dogs)

Fun Fact: He loves to skip and he speaks French!

Wiggins Street Coffee Order: String cheese?

Dog: Bagel

Owner: Claire Epperson ’24

Nickname(s): Bagel Bite, Booger

Breed: Pitbull

Age: 1

Favorite Word: Cheese

Favorite Spot on Campus: Any window that she can longingly gaze out of

Dog’s Words if They Could Talk: She wouldn’t, she would just scream.

Kenyon Major: Drama and culinary arts

Fun Fact: She loves singing, and you can often hear her screaming across the NCA circle.

Wiggins Street Coffee Order: Everything bagel with cream cheese and a bumblebee latte with oat milk

Dog: Douglas

Owner: Claudia Cooke ’24 

Nickname(s): Doug

Breed: Border collie/ beagle mix

Age: 2 years and 11 months 

Favorite Word: Ball

Favorite Spot on Campus: Dog park

Dog’s Words if They Could Talk: “Give me food.”

Kenyon Major: Economics

Fun Fact: Doug has been on campus since he was 15 weeks old and is a senior this year.

Wiggins Street Coffee Order: Iced Vanilla Latte

Goose, Parker, Collin, Bagel and Douglas are just some of the numerous dogs that live in and around campus. So on your next stroll to Peirce, stop and say hi to one of Kenyon’s Kanines!


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