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Holiday on the Hill: What Peircegiving means to students

On Tuesday night, a line of hungry students wrapped all the way through Thomas Hall (“New Side”) in anticipation for one of Kenyon’s most beloved traditions: Peircegiving. Though the line was long for those who chose to eat on the early side, the copious amount of traditional Thanksgiving food was well worth the wait. This year, the Collegian asked students to share what Peircegiving means to them. 

Iggy Nah ’23

Peircegiving is one of my favorite traditions at Kenyon because it always puts my friends and I in such festive moods heading into the holidays.

Tess Abraham-Macht ’25

I’m super excited. I never have a traditional Thanksgiving when I’m at home because my parents are divorced and neither of them like to cook, so it’s nice to have a tradition here with classic Thanksgiving food. It’s something I can look forward to and just spend time with my friends. And I’m glad I got in the line earlier this year so I don’t have to wait outside in the cold like last year. 

I remember last year we all really liked the buttered rolls with some special herb butter that was really good. It was exciting to have a really good meal that felt home cooked.

It’s a great tradition that Kenyon has. I love that everyone sits super close together, “I think it makes it even more special that it’s served on Old Side, which is so beautiful. So I think it’s a nice way for such a small school to get together and celebrate something because most of our holidays are on vacation.

Kate Ford ’25

I love that it’s a thing to look forward to in a really high-stress time of the semester.

Juliet Hartz ’24

I’m excited because I’m not going home this year for Thanksgiving break, so it’s my one time to get some Thanksgiving food.

I think the best part about Peircegiving is sure, the line sucks, but afterwards it’s a good experience and you don’t really remember it. You remember having Thanksgiving with your friends, which is cool.

Karina Morey ’25

I love how excited everyone gets about it and how the atmosphere in Peirce is so positive and uplifting!

Catie Selden ’25

The anticipation from everyone throughout the day is so fun.

Sam Hafetz ’23 

I usually get really stuffed and then I can’t do any homework afterwards because I ate too much food.

Brendan Kolerich ’25

I liked the mashed potatoes.

Guthrie Richardson ’25

I loved the packed and energetic atmosphere of such populated people, so exceedingly excited to maliciously munch many monstrously magnificent mounds of mashed potatoes!

Rocky Reisz ’25

I’m a vegetarian and I’m excited to get some protein. I’m here for the pies.


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