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Zip-off pants, “Docs” and socks: autumn fashion on the Hill

Fall is upon us, leaves are changing colors, and the air has an all-too-familiar chill. Now that 80-degree days are becoming a distant memory in Gambier, students are layering up. A walk down Middle Path will reveal the newest trends and fads, as well as the classic college-student clothing staples. 

Dr. Martens: These are among the most common shoes on campus; take one look around, and you will see pair after pair of the classic black lace-up boots with yellow stitching. More students this year are opting for the Mary Jane or Oxford-Style “Docs,” which can be dressed up or down to go with practically any outfit. 

UGG Boots: Now, hear me out, because this one is controversial. Winter is rapidly approaching, and Middle Path will once again turn into a treacherous sheet of ice. Why not traipse to class in admittedly ugly yet undeniably comfy boots? The sheepskin lining is sure to keep your feet warm and cozy. Plus, Y2K fashion is making a quick rebound. You could be ahead of the trend! 

Vests: Who doesn’t love a vest? Personally, I like a puffer, but there are endless styles to choose from. Bonus points if it has big pockets for all your necessities. These can be worn over sweatshirts, turtlenecks, long sleeves and t-shirts, so they are an excellent choice for keeping warm. 

Zip-off pants: Again, controversial. But your friends will be amazed when you turn a pair of seemingly normal pants into shorts in 10 seconds. These don’t have to stay in the back of your closet, forgotten until the occasional hike; instead, you can know deep down that your zip-offs are way cooler than what the regular kids are wearing. 

Fleece-lined jeans: You’ll feel as if you’re wearing pajamas all day, and if the fleece is patterned, you can cuff them to add a bit of color to your outfit. 

A nice, warm hat: Beanies are a popular choice, and many students on campus knit or crochet, some taking commissions. You could even learn yourself; fiber arts make for a restful hobby. 

Oversized flannels: The best place to get your hands on a good flannel is a secondhand store. Thrift Shop and Goodwill in Mount Vernon usually have a good selection of patterns and sizes, and they can be worn on top of almost anything. If you’re going for a laid back look, you can’t have too many flannels. 

Overalls: It is impossible to have a bad day while wearing overalls. 

Socks: Socks are a criminally underrated clothing item. Wearing socks you love will make your whole outfit feel more cohesive and comfortable. Every wardrobe should include simple, neutral socks that can be worn with any shoe, warm, fuzzy socks for cozying up and colorful patterned pairs that stand out. The Kenyon bookstore has a variety of novelty socks that make for an excellent impulse buy. 

Fall is an opportunity to make creative fashion choices. Whether your style is casual or dressy, outdoorsy or preppy, picking out an outfit each day is a method of self expression, and it doesn’t have to be taken seriously as long as you feel good in your clothes.


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