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Students share memories of Moxie, celebrity campus cat

Beloved campus cat Moxie, who died this July, left a lasting impression on students after his passing. From backpack rides to classroom visits, Moxie brightened everyday moments, made students laugh and helped them out when they were having a bad day. Moxie was known and loved by many in the Kenyon community, and he will be missed. This week, the Collegian asked Kenyon students, “What memory of Moxie sticks with you?” Here’s what they had to say:


“I always loved Moxie; he was such a staple of Kenyon. My best story with Moxie was when I was taking a political science seminar. We had a 15-minute break, and my friend and I opened the doors of Keithley House, and Moxie just walked right in. The class erupted and he just walked to the middle of the classroom and layed down. Everyone was just staring at him the entire time, no one got anything done.” – Kod McCune, ’24


“In my freshman English class in Finn House with Professor Tierney, Moxie would come up to the door and she would let Moxie in and he would hang out for a lot of the class. He was so chill.” – Jackson Newell, ’24


“Moxie always brought a smile to my face when we’d serendipitously come across one another on Middle Path, even on days when I felt overwhelmed. Moxie’s love was ever present. I remember one cold winter day, trekking back to my dorm, I encountered Moxie near the bookstore. I bent down to give him the oh-so-coveted ear scratches and he decided my shoulder looked like the perfect place to perch. Before I could process what had happened, there was a warm, purring cat sleepily kneading the back of my neck like he was making bread. I felt so much warmth and love in our few moments together, and I will never forget it.”  – Raya Kenney, ’25


“One time I was walking out of the post office and I saw something in the tree. I was really surprised to see Moxie up in the tree. Moxie brought something funny everyday, and it was nice to see him around. It was like a little token.”  – Bryn Savidge, ’24


“A bunch of sophomores were living in the Kenyon Inn at the time, and we got really acquainted with Moxie because he hung out around Campus Security a lot. There came a point when he would sneak into the Kenyon Inn and he would come up to your room. We would come home at 1 a.m. on a Saturday night, and he would be waiting for us by our door. He would paw on our door at night. It was really cute. When you saw him, it would be like, ‘Okay, we’re home.’” – Isabel Keener, ’24


“Moxie meant a lot to everyone. I feel like Moxie was there for every big milestone that I had…  Before my boyfriend and I were dating, we would sit outside the Kenyon Inn at a picnic table and just talk, and of course we were super awkward because we weren’t dating yet. Moxie would come and jump in our laps and it definitely took the pressure off and made us laugh. He was the original wingman.” – Brooke Fowler, ’24


“During my first week of college, I was having a really rough time adjusting to life at Kenyon. One dreary and lonely Gambier night, I stumbled into campus safety with something heavy on my mind. When Moxie wasn’t out on Middle Path, he was inside the campus safety office, and surprisingly, this was my first time encountering him. Upon my arrival, he awoke from a nap and followed me into the office in which we were sitting. He curled up on my lap to comfort me as I divulged into what was troubling me. He managed to make a completely unpleasant turn of events that much easier in an all too unfamiliar atmosphere.”  – Elizabeth Joffe, ’25


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