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Greek life Philanthropy Fair on Peirce Lawn is smashing hit

The Greek Council hosted its first Philanthropy Fair on Sunday, Nov. 7 with great success.

Each Greek organization had an opportunity to have a booth and host an event. Proceeds went to a specific charity chosen by each Greek organization or to United Way of Knox County, a nonprofit that connects and funds charitable organizations in the county. Five tickets cost $3, but fair activities cost varying amounts of tickets. Attendees could walk around to the various booths and play the games that spoke to them — or for the charities that spoke to them.

Delta Tau Delta, established in 1881 at Kenyon College, had students guess the number of pieces of candy corn in a jar at their booth. Other organizations ran activities like pumpkin smashing, pumpkin painting and pie throwing. “All the ideas that all the [organizations]came up with were really creative,” said Andres Tuccillo ’22, a member of Delta Tau Delta.

Greek organizations decided on their events by thinking about what would maximize donations to their charity and attract participants. “When we were thinking about what we wanted to do for the fair a major thing that we took into account was how people on campus were feeling,” Alpha Delta Phi Philanthropy Chair Bijan Khagani ’23, who planned the pumpkin smashing booth, said. “Usually around this time people are just so exhausted and frustrated. We wanted to give them an outlet to relieve that stress, and what better way than smashing some pumpkins?”

By anecdotal reports, the Philanthropy Fair was a success. 

Ani Parnagian ’23 worked at the Archon Society table administering their ring toss activity. “We were able to spend time with fellow Archons and other members of Greek life on a beautiful day,” Parnagian said. “I think the event was successful, but I would have loved to see more Kenyon students outside of Greek life attending.” 

Rocco Danese ’23, a member of Delta Tau Delta, agreed that personal interaction was key to the event. “After so long due to [the] COVID pandemic, being able to come together as a community was really great to see.” 

Khagani felt similarly. “It was honestly so much fun and I would recommend we do this every semester!” he said.

The Philanthropy Fair was also a success by the numbers. Director of Student Engagement Mick Steiner shared with the Greek Council that within just three hours, the Philanthropy Fair raised $862. According to the Student Council minutes from Nov. 7, the Philanthropy Fair will return in the spring semester. “It’s definitely a thing we want to keep doing,” Tuccillo said.


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