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Kenyon student DOs and DON’Ts

Kenyon student DOs and DON’Ts

The Seal

DON’T step on the seal in the entrance to Peirce Dining Hall if you want to graduate from Kenyon. At least, so goes contemporary student lore.

Campus Historian and Keeper of Kenyoniana Tom Stamp ’73 shuns the tradition, which is apparently one of Kenyon’s newest.

If you have accidentally stepped on the seal, according to some students, DO bend down and kiss it to erase the bad luck.

(Or, if you want to follow in these alumni’s footsteps and protest the College’s investments in the fossil fuel industry, DO stand on the seal, chain yourself to other students and douse yourself in motor oil during meal times.)

Peirce Cups

DO return your Peirce cups. It may seem like there are many of them, but a few months into the school year, they tend to disappear, making them hard to come by in the dining hall. Students resort to using the less eco-friendly option: paper cups.

Door Etiquette

DON’T press the accessibility button to open doors at Peirce, academic buildings or residence halls unless you are unable to open the doors manually. The motors can break from overuse, which makes it difficult for those who actually rely on the automated systems.

Middle Path

A decade ago, we would have told you the following:

DON’T use your cell phone on Middle Path. It’s a social corridor, our predecessors said, so DON’T you dare pull out your devices to call or text.

Well, times have changed. These days, using your phone on Kenyon’s cross-campus path is fine. That being said, if there are people walking behind you and you need to answer a text, DO step to the side to avoid blocking the way.

Third Floor of Olin and Chalmers Memorial Library

DON’T talk on the 3rd floor of Olin. No caveats for this one.

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