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A spirited business: psychics add soul to Mount Vernon

A spirited business: psychics add soul to Mount Vernon

by Claire Oxford

“I can see angels and demons,” Mount Vernon resident Beth Deering said. “I have met my guardian angel.” Deering and her husband, Geoffrey Allen, are both professional psychic mediums who have claimed to communicate with the spirit world since childhood.

Throughout his life, Allen said he grappled with whether or not to discuss his thoughts on spirit communication. From a young age, Allen said, “My parents told me, ‘Don’t talk about it; people will think that you’re crazy.’ So I buried it. At age 21, after I got out of college, I went into law enforcement. They don’t give badges and guns to people who talk to dead people, so I didn’t mention it.”

After working as a police officer and in undercover narcotics, Allen shifted his career to IT work, until he called in as a guest psychic on a radio show in New York City. Deering, who was scheduled as a guest the following week, overheard Allen’s show and decided to call him.

“We had a long, six-hour conversation that night about what she’s experienced in her life, and what I’ve experienced in mine,” Allen said. “The next week we did a show together. We were scheduled for an hour. We wound up going for three hours. … The phone was ringing off the hook. People liked being able to call in and pick a psychic. After, I called the host and I said, ‘You don’t get me back unless you get her back.’”

Since then the two have been a medium-duo, offering readings together in addition to taking their own separate clients. Allen has even documented his thoughts on connecting with the dead and how his situation could potentially be explained in a more rational manner in his recent book So You Wanna be a Psychic? His book is sold at the Kenyon Bookstore, and offers his perspective on psychic phenomena — his doubts, his search for an explanation for paranormal activity, and his experiences as a medium.

The couple currently resides in Mount Vernon, but have met with a slew of clients from around the area — both in individual sessions, running at $50 per half hour, and group presentations at venues such as Sips! Coffee House and Deli in downtown Mount Vernon. Aside from sessions, Allen hosts a radio show on Wednesday nights at 11 p.m. called The Median Medium Show.

In individual sessions, Allen and Deering meet with a client one-on-one, and try to get in touch with paranormal presences accompanying the client. Then, they share what the spirit is trying to communicate. Allen said he tries to offer specific validations during these sessions. “I want to go, ‘OK this is your uncle Fred, he died in April 8 to 10 years ago, he was a construction worker, he chewed tobacco,” he said. Group sessions are similar, with Allen and Deering doing readings for the group one at a time.

Owner of Sips! Coffee House and Deli, Russ McGibney said these events have been popular in the community. “We’ve done several dinners here, where [Deering] had started just doing readings at the table,” he said. “Then Geoff came into the picture, so we expanded, and brought him on board. … There was a radio program that they were involved with … [and] they would do live broadcasts.”

McGibney also admits he’s been impressed by the pair’s readings. “Some of the stuff Geoff comes up with is so spot-on,” he said.
However, the two don’t simply do readings. Deering has been asked to be present at the hospital beds of the terminally ill, “as they’re crossing over,” she said. “I see what they’re experiencing. I’ve seen heaven, I’ve seen Jesus Christ.” She also works on homicide cases as a paranormal investigator with local law enforcement in situations where a space is believed to be haunted, or as a connection with deceased parties.

Allen explained Deering prefers to gain a better understanding of the deceased and share their perspective with the living, while what he really enjoys is helping the living reach closure. “She likes to be the mouth of the entity,” Allen said, “and I’m more with the living. I want to bring healing to the living and she wants to bring healing to the dead.”

That said, one of Deering’s close friends, Mount Vernon resident Connie Zollars, has witnessed over 20 of Deering’s readings, and summed up the experience with one word: “delight.” She added, “What can I say, you can feel the heaviness around them, and once she’s done there’s a lightness to them, … especially with people who have lost children.”


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