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Then And Now: Students and faculty reflect on how they’ve changed at Kenyon

Then And Now: Students and faculty reflect on how they’ve changed at Kenyon

By Annie Sheslow

Student Council President Kevin Pan ’15 

The Kenyon Collegian: The Kenyon Quirk — is it as real as we market it to be? Did the quirky people here attract you to apply? 

Kevin Pan: Yes, I would describe the people I was overnighting with as quirky, weird, outgoing and funny. I think, if anything, people have only gotten weirder now it’s great.

TKC: Any other changes since your first year?

KP: I started growing some facial hair.

TKC: What did you think about Peirce during your first year? 

KP: Ambivalent, some foods I wished they didn’t have, some I foods I wished they did have. Now it’s the best place in the world  the cooks are awesome. There is a chef in there who gave me seven cookies today. It’s Diane the pizza chef. She is the sweetest chef there, she makes me my own personal pizzas once a week. Go ask her, she will hook you up.

Professor of English Adele Davidson ’75

TKC: You lived in McBride your first year and then Mather the other three, as a member of one of Kenyon’s first classes to admit women. Were those dorms considered a bad place to live?   

Adele Davidson: McBride, Mather and the “High Rise” [Caples Residence Hall] were still pretty new and so they were probably a little bit nicer. There were not that many spaces down on the main part of campus that were considered to be “women’s spaces.”

TKC: Last year you told my Theory of Comedy class a story about revisiting Mather…

AD: Many years ago now … a student was encouraging me to go back and revisit my old haunts. So we went up to my old room and knocked on the door … and there was a guy [in there] who was painting in the nude.

TKC: Do you miss anything about the Kenyon you graduated from compared to now?

AD: The place was smaller back then, the community was smaller. Now it’s a little more like a garden than a cornfield … [but] in general I feel like Kenyon continues to get stronger. 

These interviews have been edited for length and clarity.



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