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Students flock to The Gund for night of Typewriter Therapy

Students flock to The Gund for night of Typewriter Therapy

Madden, center, was one of the featured poets. | EMMA RICE

Between last week’s hailstorms and lingering winter chills, Kenyon students were in dire need of a break from the semester’s stress. Enter Sunset Press, answering the call with ‘Typewriter Therapy.’ As part of The Gund’s ongoing series of “Late Night” events, the student-led publication made the building their own on April 4, filling the gallery halls with conversation and collaboration.

Sunset Press’ Typewriter Therapy is a novel concept, and one perfectly suited to The Gund’s reflective atmosphere. At the start of the evening, students were invited to explore the museum’s thoughtful spring exhibits before sitting down with one of the Sunset Press’ writers to confess whatever was bothering them that day. The writing team, armed with typewriters and open ears, answered each student’s frustrations with the clicking of keyboards. The results were brief poems where daily struggles and misfortunes blossomed into stanzas and prose: a fitting transformation for the approaching spring. Students left the event with a new perspective on the hidden beauty of their problems — in the form of a personalized poem from Sunset Press’ esteemed writers.

In the downstairs lobby, Sunset Press encouraged students to find beauty in renewal and create their own remixed works. The Gund provided a wide assortment of fashion magazines, past Kenyon publications and coloring books, and attendees spent the evening borrowing phrases and images to create art of their own. This, like the poetry upstairs, also invited joy and conversation. In the process of searching for the perfect cutout, students would often trade magazines or pause to read a fascinating article. By the end of the evening, Sunset Press writers and guests alike were sitting side-by-side, discussing everything from favorite stories to a “Garfield” comic they found — everybody had a voice.

To close out the evening, Editor-in-Chief Alex Aureden ’25 gathered the Sunset Press authors, who traded their typewriters for the microphone and shared excerpts from their upcoming chapbooks, Sunset Press’ famous end-of-year publications. Dawsen Mercer ’26, Nicole Wang ’26 and Will Madden ’26 presented an amazing array of poetry with stunning authenticity and intimacy. The poignant themes of loss, heritage, tragedy and distant friendships grounded the event, giving everybody the opportunity to be heard. After a successful open mic and some more collaborative collaging, all those in attendance walked hopeful for the final weeks ahead.

For all those interested in Sunset Press and the work of its authors, chapbooks will be available for purchase at the end of the semester, with pre-orders available at the upcoming Night Market. If the success of Typewriter Therapy is any indication of what Sunset Press can do, these chapbooks will be must-reads for anyone seeking inspiration and authenticity this summer.


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