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“Rarefied Light” exhibit highlighted student and alumni art

“Rarefied Light” exhibit highlighted student and alumni art


The exhibition space in Horvitz Hall’s foyer hosts several different shows each semester, often containing student-made work. “Rarefied Light,” the most recent exhibit, featured photos that were donated by student artists and alumni. There was no specific theme for the show, allowing the Studio Art Department to display its current and former students’ wide range of styles and techniques.

Each of the 19 photos in “Rarefied Light” had a unique story to tell. A piece by Kefa Memeh ’22 explodes with vivid orange color. In contrast, Erin Schaff ’11’s hauntingly dark photo of former Speaker of the House and U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi hung only a few feet away. The exhibit also featured portraits, like the piece from Ally Schmaling ’14 of a person posing confidently and brandishing flowers above their head, and still lifes, like the two by Ruby Rosenfeld ’24 of everyday items set against a black background. No matter your personal preferences for photography, something in this show was bound to capture your attention, as it did mine.

The piece I most enjoyed was the one by Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Charlotte Woolf, which depicts the corner of a room with a painting of a little girl on the wall. The photograph has another exposure of itself layered on top, but offset from the original image to create a ghost-like effect. The little girl’s form is fuzzy in the overlay and it gives the image an eerie energy. It made my mind wander to childhood and the inherent loss of growing up–how there is always the imprint of the kid I used to be hiding somewhere inside me. The feeling it left me with was half nostalgic, half uncomfortable.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Horvitz exhibition space yet, let this be your excuse to take a look. You can usually find work from studio art classes on display or posters on the doors announcing various art shows and events. Though “Rarefied Light” recently closed, make sure to keep an eye out for Horvitz’s next exhibit.


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