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WKCO Fest rocks Farr Lawn

On Friday, Kenyon’s student-run radio station, WKCO 91.9FM, hosted an outdoor music festival behind Farr Hall. Preceding the event, people may have seen a plethora of bright red, Woodstock-like posters with listings of the artists that were performing for the festival on social media and in Peirce Dining Hall.

Before the festival, students filled the lawn with their blankets and tote bags in anticipation of the performances to begin. There was an exuberant energy as the artists plugged in their amps and set up the stage as onlookers watched eagerly.  

The first band to perform was called Victor. Once the music began, many audience members seemed to relax to the sound of the student artists as they filled the air with the sounds of a variety of instruments and wonderful vocals. The band alternated between doing cover songs and original music. 

As the show went on, people had the opportunity to enjoy listening to a wide range of music genres, from alternative rock to indie. One band, Dire Coyote, was an exciting act for all attendees to listen to as Ella Crowther ’25 lit up the stage with her beautiful voice. The instruments on the stage included two acoustic guitars and a violin, which added a unique flare to the performance. Another band changed the energy of WKCO Fest with its use of brass instrumentation, which varied from the primary use of strings and rhythm in most of the other bands. Each musical group added its own flavor to the event, from calm undertones to energetic beats. Onlookers weren’t shy in their support for each band as they cheered, clapped and sang along to the music. 

Along with the performances, WKCO also provided a barbeque for everyone to enjoy, including snacks, drinks and delicious hotdogs. It was a wonderful time for people to eat with their friends and share their love of music with each other. Next to the barbeque, WKCO sold shirts to its fans. There was even a free giveaway box filled with different CDs for people to take and listen to.

A stand-out part of the event was a table that read “EGGVICE $2.00.” Eggvice is a radio show that can be found on 91.9FM, hosted by Elliot Moore ’23 and Lucy Gibbs ’23. The show involves giving people advice with an egg theme, as the title implies. It emphasizes being open about problems and sharing with others. Eggvice has hosted tables at other WKCO events to give words of wisdom and fundraise. “It’s egg-cellent,” Gibbs said.  

All in all, WKCO Fest built a space for students to enjoy art and express themselves. It brought a great community of music and radio lovers together, just like its slogan “One Day of Peace and Music.”


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