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Review: Puss in Boots makes a Purr-fect theatrical return

Review: Puss in Boots makes a Purr-fect theatrical return


When my cat-hating friend said that “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” was one of the best movies he’d ever seen, I knew I had to see it. Originally, I was worried that this movie would be worse than the first because animated sequels tend to be not as good as the originals. This film, however, proved that some franchises can get better with time. When I saw the original “Puss in Boots” movie back in 2011, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Puss in Boots was always my favorite character in the “Shrek” franchise, so I was excited that he got his own movie. Since that was 12 years ago, I had honestly forgotten the entire plot. Luckily, I did not need to know anything about the first movie, as the second one tells a new story, and when the sequel does draw back to the first movie, it reminds the viewers of what happened.

The 2022 film begins with Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) hosting a giant party when suddenly, the Sleeping Giant of Del Mar attacks him. Puss puts up a good fight against the giant, but unfortunately, he is killed by a giant bell. Puss wakes up in a doctor’s office and comes to the realization that he has lost eight of his nine lives. The doctor encourages him to go live the rest of his life with a cat lady named Mama Luna. Initially, he refuses, but changes his mind when “death,” a cloaked wolf, threatens to kill him. Puss arrives at Mama Luna’s house where he buries his outfit and becomes a housecat. While living with Mama Luna, Puss meets a stray dog disguised as a cat named Perrito (Harvey Guillén). Puss additionally reconnects with Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek), a female cat he had a romance with in the first film. The three embark on an adventure in which they all learn the importance of friendship and the fragility of life. 

This movie has a unique animation style. The animation has bright colors and gorgeous backgrounds ranging from dark forests to pink, flowery fields. It is also innovative, considering that it incorporates 3D with other 2D art styles. The mix of mediums really accentuates the characters and makes them pop against the already colorful backgrounds. The use of colors and the mix of dimensionality makes the world into a fairytale. The background of the movie has the look of a painting seen in classic fairytale books while the movie’s characters are in 3D, highlighting that these are the characters living in this fictitious, fantastical world. 

The film is action-packed and rarely has a dull moment. It is funny and full of jokes for both kids and adults; the adult jokes went over the heads of the kids sitting in front of me in the theater, but they had me and my friends laughing. The plot of the film is definitely wacky, but it delivers well and is a fun, feel-good movie. Staying true to its fantasy roots, the film is full of fairy tale characters and references from “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” to Jiminy Cricket. The film honors the melodramatic, hilarious, big-hearted Puss while also developing other newer characters. Whether you are a fan of the “Shrek” franchise, Antonio Banderas, Puss in Boots or just cats in general, this film is worth a watch. 


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