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WKCO back on air, broadcasting student and faculty shows

WKCO, Kenyon’s student-run radio station, is now back on the air with student- and faculty-hosted shows, featuring music spanning from indie-pop to eclectic classical playlists. In addition to the radio station, WKCO also has a blog for music critiques, concert reviews and music recommendations by staff writers. Playlists are published on the blog as well, such as “Hot Girl Walks,” which increases in tempo as the songs progress. 

As one of the College’s largest student organizations, it did not come as a surprise that one of their first staff meetings was generously attended, with students sitting cross legged on the floor when there were no remaining seats left. Farr Hall basement, the home of WKCO, is comfortably furnished with plush sofas and coffee tables. The space is decorated with band posters, photographs and concert paraphernalia, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of East Village. This environment is an ideal gathering space for people passionate about all things music, and throughout the meeting there was a lively rhythm as people shared song recommendations and pitched articles. Suffice it to say, WKCO is full of spirit. 

For those interested in hosting their own radio show, WKCO broadcasts from noon to 11 p.m. each day. All shows are aired online through WKCO’s website as well as on the 91.9FM station, allowing students to share their music not just with Gambier but also with the broader Kenyon community. The individual DJs tailor each show, creating music playlists and adding commentary. Recent shows include Lucie Canzoniero’s ’25 “Lucie in the Sky,” which features music she calls “dad-rock.” Canzoniero glowingly describes her experience as a radio show host. “I like having a WKCO show because it is a place where I play the music I love to the people I love. It’s like my own personal diary that I get to share with the people who are listening and just spread peaceful vibes and maybe make someone’s day better. It makes me happy to talk about music and life for an hour without having to think about anything else going on.”  

After COVID-19, which limited the organization’s capacity to run shows, WKCO hopes to expand their radio show schedule to include many more DJs this semester.  “We want to get WKCO back to where we were pre-pandemic and for our resources and love for music to reach anyone on campus who is interested in any way,” Presidents Abby Navin ’23 and Julia Majesky ’23 wrote in an email to the Collegian. “If you want to get involved please reach out!” 

In addition to the radio station, WKCO also hosts a blog that publishes album and concert reviews, as well as music recommendations. Recent coverage includes a review of Kit Sebastian’s Melodi and 11:11 by Pinegrove. One section of the blog features what the staff are listening to. This currently includes artists such as Amy Winehouse and Sufjan Stevens, as well as more indie artists like 2nd Grade. Another section which may excite many readers features interviews with up-and-coming musicians. Interviewees include Maude Latour, an artist who went viral on TikTok. Overall, the blog is fresh and funky, staying up to date on the music industry. 

WKCO also has upcoming events that involve the broader community. On Saturday, Sept. 24, the radio station will host a barbeque and record sale outside of Farr Hall at 2 p.m. The event will include hot dogs and live DJ broadcasts on the air. The radio station is also planning a virtual concert, though the dates are not yet finalized. Throughout the semester, WKCO meets regularly on Thursdays at 10:15 p.m. for open executive meetings, on Mondays at 7 p.m. for blog meetings and at 9 p.m. on Mondays for studio meetings. Anyone interested in the radio station is encouraged to attend WKCO meetings.

 There are still slots available for new DJs, and anyone interested in having their own radio show should consider contacting the WKCO team. 


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