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Ransom Notes bring energy to Rosse for spring concert

Ransom Notes bring energy to Rosse for spring concert

The Ransom Notes performed a number of covers, including "Leave the Door Open" by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak (above). | CECILIA OSHINS

On Saturday night, the Ransom Notes performed their spring concert in Rosse Hall. The show was successful with an entertaining program and a big turnout from the audience. The songs ranged in genre from pop to new wave music, but every piece they sang maintained their high level of enthusiasm, as they smiled and danced the entire time. 

The Ransom Notes are known for being amusing and slightly unconventional, which was apparent from the start of the show. The “newbies” kicked things off by performing a reading of some spicy fanfiction featuring some famous Kenyon alumni, while two of them sang the Wii theme song. While an initiation tradition is something that most Kenyon a cappella singers experience, this particular tradition was definitely telling of the Ransom Notes’ bold reputation. The rest of the group then joined the newbies onstage, for a cover of “It’s Not All About You” by Lawrence. 

Next, the group sang “Leave the Door Open” by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, setting the tone of the night: a mix of well-known, upbeat songs that pushed the limits of a cappella with impressive vocals and stylistic choices, such as tempo and volume changes to alter the energy of a piece. Following the song, Lauren Redman ’22 introduced the group, then impressed the audience with her smooth, sopranic voice as the first of several soloists of the night. 

A highlight of the show was a cover of “Jackrabbit” by Sam Fermin. Sylvan Maney ’23 sang the solo part beautifully, showing off their high range. The whole group harmonized while Ari Bluffstone ’22 beatboxed, which was exceptional on its own, but Maney’s performance was unlike anything else that night — their style of singing had a hint of a warble that blended well with the rest of the piece and they had an extravagant stage presence, moving their arms in time with the rhythm. 

Another unforgettable song was the group’s cover of “Your Man” by Josh Turner. Keiran Lorentzen ’22, a bassist who stunned the audience with his ability to sing a song famous for its low chorus, was the featured soloist. This was another piece that the audience delighted in, with audible cheers and laughs at the iconic song choice and Lorentzen’s style, in which he would pause and look at the audience before repeating his refrain for dramatic effect. 

The concert ended with a group rendition of “Love Shack” by the B-52’s. This piece was entertaining because almost everyone had a solo, and it was clear how much fun they were having together. 

Near the end of the show, most of the group left the stage for the seniors to perform “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn. Aside from being a beautiful cover, it was a heartfelt moment for the upperclassmen, who were joined in a heartfelt embrace from the rest of the group at the piece’s conclusion.

The group is clearly very close, which came through not just in this particular moment, but in their casual yet delightful presence on stage. The song choice was bittersweet, in light of the nearing graduation for a few of their dearest members. Part of what made the evening so wonderful was the way in which the Ransom Notes supported and cheered for each other, creating such a positive environment, on top of their stunning vocals.  


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