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Dance Team captivates viewers with energetic performance

Dance Team captivates viewers with energetic performance

Dancers posing on the NCA lawn after the show. | COURTESY OF ZOË APPLEBAUM

Last Saturday, on a gloomy evening, the Kenyon College Dance Team geared up to give their first and final performance of the semester within the North Campus Apartments (NCAs). As people with tickets gathered inside a corral-like setup (a loose string tied around several wooden stakes forming a square), the location also provided an abundance of VIP-equivalent viewing opportunities for those without tickets. NCA residents brought lawn chairs to their patios and students stood on picnic tables, everyone eagerly waiting for the show to begin. 

Emcees and members of Fools on the Hill Izzy Michels ’21 and Nathan Geesing ’21 gave a casual introduction of the team, consisting of effortless banter that continued throughout the show. 

After the introduction, the dancers exited an NCA in formation as they were greeted with a roar of applause from the crowd. Bearing a striking resemblance to a scene from “Bring it On,” they strutted out in uniform — black masks, black tank tops, grey sweatpants and neon blue eyeliner — and struck fierce poses in front of the already captivated audience.

Spanning about a half hour, the show was full of variety and flare, keeping the audience on their toes. 

The emcees provided smooth transitions between dance acts where they adopted a few different accents and roles, such as Michels acting as a dancer’s father who disapproved of the show, and Geesing pretending to be the dancers’ manager and asking the audience to Venmo money for the “gruel” they needed to feed the team members. 

The show successfully made me forget about the ongoing pandemic, not by breaking COVID-19 guidelines, but because it was so entertaining and fun that I was taken out of the world’s despairing reality. It was similar to watching a compilation of TikTok dances, but with more professionalism. I could’ve watched it three times over.

The song choices for the show were also spectacular; the playlist included “Body” by Megan Thee Stallion and “Vroom Vroom” by Charli XCX, two of my all-time favorites. For “Vroom Vroom,” the dancers utilized the cars parked on either side of the “stage” (the patch of grass in front of the NCA they initially came out of) as set pieces. At first I mistakenly thought someone drove and parked them on the NCA lawn, but I was corrected as soon as the team began to drape themselves on top of them. 

At the end, Geesing and Michels broke character and announced each class year that made up the dance team. First they presented the sophomores, Candela de Amorrortu ’23 and Zoë Applebaum ’23; then came the juniors, Lara Hoffer ’22, Mia Sherin ’22 and Salome Shubitidze ’22; and finally, the graduating seniors, Maria Huey ’21, Eden Stephey ’21, Hannah Spector ’21, Grace Orwick ’21 and Abby Plone ’21. 

Seniors celebrated their last bittersweet performance. The NCA lawn was abuzz with people congratulating their friends and recreating the iconic dance moves after the show. It was so enrapturing that I didn’t even notice that my butt was wet the entire time from sitting on the soaking grass. 



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