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The soothing Gabriel Garzón-Montano performs for Horn

The soothing Gabriel Garzón-Montano performs for Horn

Poster promoting the event | COURTESY OF HORN GALLERY

On Saturday, March 20, singer-songwriter Gabriel Garzón-Montano joined Kenyon’s Horn @ Home series with a pre-recorded concert. 

Garzón-Montano’s music is lush and cathartic, as he is known for meshing classical instrumentals with funk and hip-hop. While most of Garzón-Montano’s songs are normally accompanied by reggaeton and R&B-inspired beats, he sang nearly all of his songs at the concert without background music. Switching between playing his guitar, keyboard and piano, Garzón-Montano provided the audience with more intimate versions of his upbeat songs. 

Garzón-Montano primarily performed songs from his most recent album, Agüita, such as “Bloom,” “Moonless” and “With a Smile.” He also included hits from Jardín and Bishouné: Alma del Huila, his two previous albums. 

Some of Garzón-Montano’s songs are sung entirely in Spanish, such as “Muneca,” a cumbia-inspired track which he introduced as “one angle of the rainbow.” His Horn @ Home performance proved that Garzón-Montano’s talent spans across multiple genres, ranging from energetic songs like “Agüita” to tender ballads such as “Bloom.” 

Those encountering Garzón-Montano’s music for the first time this Saturday may have been left with the impression that his style is minimal. For longtime fans, Garzón-Montano’s silky acoustic performance was a refreshing spin on his most successful hits, including  “Fruitflies” from his 2017 album Jardín, which has received nearly eight million streams on Spotify.

Similar to in a live concert, Garzón-Montano was raw and genuine, laughing when he stumbled on a line. However, his performance was still captivating, from his vocals to his outfit. He donned a shiny black jacket, silver earrings and a rhinestone embellishment on his cheekbone. 

Garzón-Montano’s performance often flowed seamlessly from one song to the next, making it difficult at times to determine where one song ended and the next began. While rarely pausing to comment on the songs, his impressive range and enticing dynamics kept the audience engaged despite the concert’s virtual format. 

The performance concluded with “6 8” from Garzón-Montano’s first album, Bishouné: Alma del Huila, released in 2014. The song was sampled in Drake’s “Jungle” on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. As Garzón-Montano sang with his piano, his facial expressions conveyed a sense of yearning, almost seeming to reflect on his career as an artist. 

After 40 minutes of singing, Garzón-Montano improvised a riff on the piano. When the last note faded, Garzón-Montano bid the Kenyon community farewell, stating, “have a good night y’all,” and exited the frame as his heeled boots clacked into the distance. Garzón-Montano’s concert is a great watch for those looking to spend a chill, yet entertaining night at home.


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