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Samia performs album The Baby at Horn @ Home show

Samia performs album The Baby at Horn @ Home show

Poster advertising the concert | COURTESY OF THE HORN GALLERY

At 9 p.m. on Friday, March 10, the Horn @ Home website hosted rising alternative star Samia’s 37-minute-long concert, which took place at her home in New York. The 24-year-old musician — who has amassed 45.6 thousand followers on Instagram — released her first official album in August of 2019. 

The Los Angeles native sang all 11 songs from her newest album The Baby, which was released Aug. 28, 2020. 

The pre-recorded video was filmed from Samia’s bed, accompanied by a minimalist background made up of anchor-print pillows and a grey plank headboard. Donning a striped, long-sleeved shirt under red overalls, Samia seemed to embody the protagonist of an indie love story. 

 Without an introduction, Samia jumped into her first song from the album, “Pool,” a slightly melancholic tune which begins with a muffled voice recording in Arabic. The recording is from Samia’s late grandmother to whom Samia dedicated the song. She sings, “I said, ‘Lovin’ you is bigger than my head’ / And then you dove in / And then I said, ‘I’m afraid that I need men’ / You said, ‘Need me then.’”

Throughout the recording, Samia maintained impassioned facial expressions which greatly benefited the emotional impact of her performance. A poet in her lyrics, Samia sang them as if they were hymns. 

Many times, she’d look off beyond the camera as if she was directing the song to an imagined onlooker off-screen. 

The brilliant part of Samia’s performance was the storytelling behind her music. The initial subject of “Pool” is Samia’s grandmother, but as the song continues, the subject shifts to a lover, who remains a constant for the duration of the album as Samia reflects on relationships and heartbreak. 

The songs from The Baby speak to the artists’ specific experiences, but have a much broader relevance. The song “Waverly,” begins “There’s a restaurant in the East Village / Where all the waiters are celebrities / My first love waited hours in the back / Making brazen advances towards Waverly.” The specificity of the lyrics made for an intimate listening experience. 

 Another alluring aspect to Samia’s performance was her demure yet confident disposition. It’s like two matching pieces of a puzzle; her spirit is perfectly in sync with the music she puts out. 

Samia’s video for the Horn @ Home website is the ideal bedroom pop fantasy. With just the right amount of decor, a youthful outfit and magically cathartic alternative music, Samia has hit a home run. 

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