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Black Box theater grand opening event brings lots of laughs

Black Box theater grand opening event brings lots of laughs

On Wednesday, Feb. 1 at 10 p.m., Ethan Fuirst ’17 addressed a standing-room-only crowd to announce the formal opening of the new Black Box Theater.

Fuirst, who was recently appointed entertainment manager for both Peirce Pub and the new Black Box, wanted to host an event that would give a variety of groups the chance to inaugurate the space. He invited groups that performed frequently in the old Black Box, located next to the post office, and a cappella groups that would contribute to an “upbeat, fun feel,” Fuirst said.

The show opened with Brave Potato Productions’s rendition of “End of the Road” from the musical [title of show]; singers Henry Quillian ’17, Chandler Davis ’17, James Wojtal ’18 and Mariah Palumbo ’19 were accompanied by Andrew Perricone ’17 on piano. Improv group Fools on the Hill followed, making the audience laugh without pause. In a particularly memorable moment, members Dounia Sawaya ’19 and Ally Merkel ’20 used suggestions from the audience to perform an improvised scene involving a robot and a woman who lived in the Renaissance.

Broadway a cappella group The Broken Legs’s rendition of “You’ll Be Back,” a sassy and comedic song from the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, was another highlight on the program. Garrick Schultz’s ’20 expressive solo and sensual dance moves made the song one that was hard to forget.

Other performers included Shakespeare theater group Billy Shakes, comedy group Beyond Therapy and a cappella groups the Ransom Notes and the Stairwells. Dance troupe The Company performed to “Stick to the Status Quo” from High School Musical.

Between acts, a member from each group that performed stated their favorite character played by distinguished actress Allison Janney ’82. “I’m trying to unofficially name the Black Box the Allison Janney Black Box after [her] majestic persona,” Fuirst said.

The process of completing the technological set-up for the Black Box is still underway, according to Fuirst, with a sound system being installed at the moment. “I think it’ll be a really good space,” Fuirst said. “I think we can use it to its full advantage.”


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