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Installation art

Installation art


Missed the installation art on campus last week? We talked to a few of the artists about their work.

First up, Emma Brown ’17 and her piece “Time Frame”

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“Time Frame” uses photographs of Gund Ballroom that Brown solicited from members of the Kenyon community.

Where did the idea for this work originate?

I guess out of a desire to see things through other people’s frame of reference, so to speak—other students’s and community members’s frame of reference. I interpreted that literally: In the beginning I wanted to just provide empty frames for people to look through and from there I kind of developed the idea.


Tell me about some of the people who contributed photographs.

Interestingly, the people who contributed were mostly faculty and staff. I had a few student submissions. But I had a lot of pictures of people’s kids doing community activities in Gund Ballroom, which wasn’t what I was originally expecting. I didn’t get any submissions of “Shock Your Mom.” There is one image included that I took at “Shock Your Mom,” because I thought it needed to be in there.


Did you encounter any challenges in creating this installation?

Oh, definitely. Originally I wanted to do the project throughout campus in lots of different places. I ended up staying in one room because I thought it would be somewhat easier to get image submissions, having a more focused place than just anywhere on campus. And also because I really wanted the frames to hang in midair suspended, and I knew that wasn’t going to be possible outdoors. So those were some of the limitations.


If you had to do it again in a different location, what location would you choose?

I actually think that I would have loved to do it in Rosse Auditorium, or in Brandy Hall, those performance spaces, but I didn’t want to interfere with performances that might happen in there.

Have you heard any reactions to your work?
A little bit. People say it’s cool. Apart from that, I ran into one faculty member who contributed a photo, and it was very nice that she went out of her way to go to Gund Ballroom to see it.


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