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The Big Short focuses on finesse, not finance

by Austin Barrett

“Show, don’t tell,” is often considered one of the most important rules of filmmaking, yet one of the most compelling movies this year throws that rule, along with many others, to the curb. Adam McKay’s The Big Short runs at a breakneck pace, is shot like a documentary on drugs and throws in some celebrity cameos explaining confusing and downright upsetting economic concepts in a way any American citizen can understand. Though the stockbrokers who are cheating the system may seem like the focal point of the film, The Big Short often takes time to look at the American people who were forced to leave their homes because they were lied to, cheated and manipulated. This is a movie not simply meant to entertain and inform, but also to rile the crowd by revealing the darkest details of the 2008 financial crisis. While The Big Short may not be this year’s best film, it is an absorbing film, equal parts daring and exhilarating.


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